Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Teaser For A Solution For Many Very Bad World Problems

I think that health is very important for disaster risk reduction and that is why I have been posting about it the last few days. The same is true of picking out a good backpack for a bug out bag. I have also been posting about those things to keep some posts ready to publish while I think about some posts that really need to be written and published.

I believe that I have a solution to many of the worst problems in the world today. It is very hard for me to post about this solution. There are several reasons why this solution is so difficult for me to publish.

The biggest reason for not wanting to do this is that it is pretty likely that it will not do any good. One reason why it might not work is because I must talk about things that are not well accepted by many "civilized" people. This can mean people will not listen to you because they will think you are crazy.

Another reason why it might not work for me to talk about this solution is that talking about this could get me killed before I can do enough. I don't like the idea of getting killed, but getting killed for nothing is really not good.

Some people that I know have a saying that annoys me a lot. The saying is, "The blood of martyrs is the seed of victory." I especially hate it when people say that while looking at me expectantly,waiting for me to go be a martyr so they can get their victory.

I was raised in a church that really likes martyrs. Children are encouraged to think that it is just great if they are little martyrs-in-training. 

At a rather young age I began to look askance at the idea of growing up to be a martyr, or worse yet, being a child martyr. All things being equal, I think it is much preferable to live for a good cause than die for it.

I also don't like the way people do PR with martyrs after they die. Their lives become too sanitized. All the human stuff in martyrs' lives disappears and they come off looking like someone who was perfect from birth. I have read enough about research on the lives of martyrs to tell me that they are human, and pretty obnoxious ones at times. 

People seem to like to deify their heroes. Discovery of human foibles can destroy mere celebrities. Wars have been fought over whether Jesus' mother, Mary, was divine or human. The mind boggles over what might happen over whether she had occasional garlic breath or teenage acne.

Nah. I am not going to post the really important stuff tonight. Or not start it anyway. It is going to take a while to explain it. It should occupy a lot of posts. 

Lest I die before I wake....I have to get in a cartoon. Gallows humor does a lot for me. Deal with it.

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