Friday, May 18, 2012

What Can We Do For Disaster Prevention With Spiritual Gifts?

I intend to tell you in this blog post about what I know or think can be done with your spiritual gifts for disaster risk reduction. My first focus is on nuclear war prevention.

If enough people develop their spiritual gifts it could make a nuclear war impossible. One of the gifts that could do this is moving things without touching them. I do not believe there are any distance limitations on this ability at all. Nuclear weapons could even be moved off of the Earth. I am not sure this is a good idea, but that is another matter.

There are other spiritual gifts that could also act to prevent a nuclear war, but since draconian laws were passed in the USA, I do not feel safe talking any more about them.

Extra sensory perception (ESP) could be used to find people who are lost or buried in disasters like earthquakes. Moving people would be possible with telekinesis when they are trapped under debris in earthquakes or landslides, etc. This could eliminate risk to other rescuers. 

The communications aspect of ESP could be used in emergencies when nothing else was available.

Rescue and disaster work could be begun when a relatively small number of people have developed their spiritual gifts. 

Once there are more people using their spiritual gifts, the gifts could be used in more mundane applications. I think transportation could be done by using telekinesis. This could start with urgent shipments and gradually cut down on non-renewable fuel use and pollution, as more telekinesis transport was phased in.

Many lives could be saved by the spiritual gift of healing. It could be especially useful when people have illnesses that can not be cured by regular or alternative medicine.

Every child could be taught by teachers who are using their spiritual gifts. That one spiritual gift in use could be enough to make a huge change in society worldwide.

It is possible that the growing things and green thumb sort of spiritual gift, is a sub-category of healing. That one could mean an end to hunger.

If you look back at the list of spiritual gifts in the last three posts, you can think about what it might mean to have everyone in the world doing what they are really good at and doing an excellent job of it.

I am not sure whether this can happen in my lifetime, but I would like to try for it. Whatever progress can be made in that direction will be good. Once it is well started, it should keep spreading.

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