Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Disaster Risk Reduction - Part 2 Of List Of Your Spiritual Gifts

The post for today is a continuation of the list of spiritual gifts that you might have. You, along with every other person, have one or more spiritual gift or ability. Most people are not using these. Learning what they are and how to use them is not dependent on belonging to a particular church or even belief in Gd. Knowing that these spiritual gifts exist because you learned about them in a church is helpful to get started, however. 

If you do not belong to a church, you can still find and develop your spiritual gifts. Please do not be angry if you belong to a church and have thought that your church had a patent on spiritual gifts. There are enough spiritual gifts to go around. Everyone has them.

  • Mercy - People with this gift are often drawn to jobs like hospice work or orphanages, etc. Those who have this spiritual gift in use and developed are quietly and brilliantly effective.

  • Wisdom - People can have the regular version of this gift and demonstrate wisdom, but the spiritual version is turbo-charged by comparison.

  • Knowledge/Word of knowledge - This can be in a specific area or more general. The spiritual gift version would most likely be paired with exhortation or one or more other gifts.

  • Faith - This gift is not exclusive to religious types, oddly enough. I have met atheists who had a very strong spiritual gift of faith. It often comes with the spiritual gift of leadership.

  • Helps - Someone with this gift can be your friend who just happens to show up when your car broke down on your way to an important meeting. They are there just in time with whatever is needed. The spiritual version of this is a little eerie at times. My youngest brother had this one. 

  • Administration/Leadership - The spiritual version of this is extraordinary leadership/administration. I think President Kennedy is an example of this gift in action.

  • Evangelist - This is not limited to religious versions either. An enthusiastic and successful multi-level marketer may be using this spiritual gift.

  • Pastor - This also has non-religious manifestations. Someone who has this spiritual gift at all developed will gravitate to some position of authority where they will excel at a more friendly and nurturing version of leadership than someone with the spiritual gift version of leadership.

  • Hospitality - Someone with this spiritual gift active always has guests and visitors underfoot and their home will usually be set up for making others welcome and comfortable. The jobs that people with this gift activated are attracted to are things like party organizing, hotel or transportation jobs dealing with people. They have a way of making people feel warm and happy and appreciated when they arrive and during a stay.

  • Intercession - Church types claim this one exclusively for their own. It exists independently of Churches as well. Intercession can be invaluable for situations where people are feeling or actually powerless and need help dealing with those who have perceived or actual power.

  • Healing - People with this one often go into medical field where the people they help seem to get well faster and better than expected. It usually is paired with the spiritual gift of service and perhaps other spiritual gifts as well.

  • Miracles - This spiritual gift is similar to healing, but is still different. Miracles is healing things that are considerably beyond the norm. An example is that healing might help someone to build up their legs muscles enough to walk again. Miracles would be if the leg muscles were too withered to ever make walking possible again and the person walked anyway. It would be miracles if a cancer patient was sent home to die and they got well anyway. It can get fancier than that, but it is much better to see it than to talk about it. This also happens outside of churches, but if people are really convinced the manifestations of this spiritual gift are impossible, they are not likely to find and develop this gift, so it is more rare.

  • Discerning of Spirits - Like it or not, beings that do not occupy living bodies do exist. People with this gift can sense the presence of these beings. This gift usually comes with others, so it doesn't amount to only seeing things. It has practical applications. This one of those, you have to be there, kind of things.
This list is getting too long again, so I will continue tomorrow.

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