Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alternative Health Disease Preventive Diatomaceous Earth

If you read my post last night, you know that taking care of your health is an important part of disaster risk reduction that you can do. Today I want to post about a simple preventive health treatment you can do yourself. 

Before I tell you what it is and how to do it, I want to tell you why you need it. It is not a pleasant thing to think about, but humans normally have a large number of parasites inside their body. There are all sorts of parasites that make their homes inside us. 

Various types of worms are some of the more common human parasites. It is also common for people to want to say that it is not possible that they have any parasites. If you have had biology and dissected anything, then you know that the animals you dissected had parasites. Humans usually have more parasites than animals do. This is because we live longer than most animals, and have more time to get parasites, and because we eat higher on the food chain than most animals.

Eating higher on the food chain means that anything we eat, a piece of chicken, for example, causes us to, in effect, eat anything that chicken ate. That includes parasites.

There is a cheap, simple, alternative health way to get rid of, or kill most of the parasites inside you. If you keep doing it, you can get the new ones before they become established and reproduce.

If you don't have a lot of parasites inside you making your body work harder to feed them, you will be healthier and feel better. This usually means you look better as well. Your body will be able to resist disease better without parasites.

All of the above will give you a better chance to stay healthy in a disaster. That is disaster risk reduction.

This simple alternative health treatment to kill parasites is called Diatomaceous Earth. It is made out of the fossilized seashells of prehistoric sea creatures. They were microscopic, so 
Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) looks like a fine pale gray or beige powder. It is sometimes called Diatomaceous flour.

D.E. is not poison so it will not hurt or kill you. There is only one precaution you need to take when you use it. Don't breathe it. It is only a problem to breathe because it is so fine and light that it hangs in the air a while if you throw it around and raise up dust from it. This means it can get in your lungs and stay there. It is believed by some people, that D.E. in your lungs can cause cancer many years later.

The prevention of lung cancer from D.E. dust is easy. Don't make dust and if you do, wear one of those filter masks with the elastic that goes behind your head to hold it over your nose and mouth.

I am sorry for breaking this post into two. It is more than twice as long as my usual posts, so I am going to give you my recipe that I use for taking D.E. tomorrow.


  1. Do u think it can kill the porkworm in humans? I heard it could take 2 years.

    1. I do not know the time frame for diatomaceous earth to kill parasites. Since diatomaceous earth is not a poison, it takes longer than allopathic (regular) medicine. If you are worried about having parasites, you may want to consult a physician. I use diatomaceous earth all the time as a preventive. An known infestation may be different.

      I expect the time required to kill a specific parasite would be related to the life cycle of the parasite. Some of them spend different life stages in different parts of the host's body. I am not sure all parasites would be killed by diatomaceous earth since it may be limited to working in your digestive system. I am not sure all parasites spend time in a digestive system. That would probably require an entomologist to know, and possibly a specialist.

      Any parasites that pass through your digestive system should be gotten by the diatomaceous earth.

      I'm satisfied to wait for diatomaceous to work. The allopathic remedies are strong poisons and I'd rather not take my chances with them. This is a matter of personal preference.