Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Future Of The Human Race - Reproductive Health 1

Children matter to all of us whether we happen to have any of our own. 

"Why should I care about children's education, if I have never had any children and never will?" An elderly man asked me that question quite a few years ago. My reason that made the most difference to him was, "Wouldn't you want your heart surgeon to have had a good education?"

Even more critical to the survival of the human race is that children continue to exist. We are having reproductive problems that could wipe out the human race within a generation or so.

It used to be considered solely up to the women to determine how healthy new babies were. Women were not encouraged to work in nuclear power plants, for example. This was said to be because of concern for her ovaries being exposed to nuclear radiation, and the effects on her potential offspring.

It has recently been discovered that some maladies that children are born with are due entirely to the fathers' contribution. Two of these are autism and schizophrenia. The offspring of older fathers have much higher incidence of both autism and schizophrenia.

A recent article online informed me that sperm counts worldwide have dropped  for the last 50 years. Another article said that young men have only 25% of the sperm counts of men back in the 50's. I have a link to a scientific study for the sperm count drop over 50 years for those who care to read it:

If those studies are right and the trend continues, we could have no fertile males in a generation or so. This would be likely to end the human race.

Finnish men have the highest sperm count for any group in the world. They did a study on Finnish men, however, and even their sperm count is dropping.

Human sperm is a resource for the entire human race. It is one of the resources that we need to protect. We need to start finding ways to do that.

I am going to post on plastics. Men who are exposed to more plastic in their food have lower sperm counts. Women who get too much plastic get cancer. Plastic is strangling our oceans and everything in it. We need to cut way down on our plastic use.

Another post deals with the effects of cell phones. One of those effects is reducing sperm counts when men carry the cell phone too close to their family jewels. Putting the cell phone in a different pocket is the basic fix for that problem, but you need to read the whole post.

There are many more known reasons for low sperm count. I will do a post on things that cause lower sperm counts and on lower testosterone levels.

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