Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reproductive Health 2 - Raising Sperm Counts

It is becoming more common for couples to have trouble making babies when they want to. There have been alarming studies that show that things people are doing to the environment are contributing to these reproductive problems. 

This is a quote from a Scottish study:
"Evidence that gestational or neonatal

exposure to environmental estrogenic chemicals can result in reduced testicular size and sperm production in adult rats, and urge further study of the possible risk to humans." 

Other studies have been done that point to the same problem with human reproductive health. Scientists are arguing about whether some of those other studies that involve testing the sperm counts of men all over the world for decades mean anything. 

Some of the studies show that there has been an almost universal drop of as much as 50% in sperm counts. A 50 year span was covered in some of these studies. If the studies are right, that means that there has been a 1% drop in sperm count for the last 50 years. 

Some studies say the low sperm count has now leveled off or increased. If it keeps on that way, the human could be history in about two generations. That is way too serious to let our scientists quibble over it for 20 years or so.

If it turns out that it was nothing to worry about, then our precautions will have been unnecessary. If it turns out that we do need to be concerned about the reasons for low male sperm counts worldwide, then doing nothing while we wait for scientists to squabble over it for a couple of decades is not a good plan.

I have talked to numerous couples who are suffering through reproductive difficulties. It is horrible seeing the suffering of these people. I can not say that my experience is an indicator of the prevalence of reproductive issues in the human population as whole. It sure does look bad to me, however. I think we have a serious problem here. I also think we need to get right on it and solve it.

We do know some things that can be done by individuals and couples to help raise the sperm count of a particular man. I think it is a good idea for men who care about such matters to do these things. Women who are concerned about  their men and future children, might want to help them out with it.

Here is a start on ways to raise a man's sperm count:

1. Don't wear tight clothing around the genital area. This idea is the source of the droopy pants gangsta' look. It is also the source of the low hanging tight jeans look. There are other options if you don't want those looks. 

Suspenders with loose pants and gathers or pleats at the waist are one way to look elegant and get lots of air in the right places. Zoot suits were an extreme example of this look. 

Designers should get right on this. Many traditional clothing styles allow lots of air circulation to the lower body. A look at those kinds of clothing should provide ideas. 

If you are a man who wants something right now, you can look at Asian markets for traditional clothing sold there. Some of those are very elegant looking and will get you by until designers catch up with you.

A seamstress can make something that looks more mainstream, if your lifestyle requires that. She could make a pair of pants that look good with a jacket that you already own.

Some men are fortunate enough to have girlfriends or wives who are good at sewing. This has become increasingly rare, however, so it is too great a demand for most women. Just be thankful if you have this option available and the woman in your life can help you this way. 

Men do take up sewing sometimes. I think low sperm counts might be enough motivation to send you down to get a sewing machine and learn how to use it. I do sew, so I will do a post on getting started with sewing.

Finally, I must sound like some stupid TV commercials that annoyed me a while back. You might want to switch to boxers. If you really like briefs make sure they do not hold your genitals up against your body. This will raise the temperature down there and could even drop your sperm count very low.

This quite enough for me on the subject of sartorial splendor and its effects on sperm counts and this post is long enough to continue.

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