Friday, August 24, 2012

CoQ10 For Your Health And Survival

It is a bit alarming to find that I did not even know that CoQ10 existed a week ago, considering how important it is.

CoQ10 is in every cell in your body. An important part of what CoQ10 does in your cells is that it helps the cells make energy. That energy runs each cell and your body as whole.

We just are not doing much if we don't get the energy that comes from CoQ10. As we age, our bodies have less CoQ10. Are we surprised by that? One glance at a park frequented by both elderly and young children is enough to make mature adults want to head for the nearest health food store and grab the CoQ10.

I am sure there are other reasons for the variation in energy levels with humans who have high levels of CoQ10 (children), and older humans who have low levels of CoQ10. I suppose that thought is one reason why athletes like to use CoQ10 already. 

I am not a fan of copying every fad that athletes launch, however. They found over a hundred athletes using illegal doping before the Olympics even started. One of the drugs that athletes have been known to use is steroids. This is not something I want to emulate.

Athletes seem to find some of the good stuff first, however. I suspect that the shortness of most athletic careers is motivation for this. Athletes are like shooting stars flashing gloriously across the sky and disappearing.

I will gingerly examine CoQ10 and raw foods containing a lot of it. That examination will include as much research as I can stand for a while. I will eat my raw peanut sprouts and my raw sesame seed sprouts and see what my body tells me about them.

Yoga is one of the things I attribute the possible awakening in my body of cravings for peanuts and sesame, which turn out to have a lot of CoQ10 in them. I don't think Yoga necessarily made my body and I any smarter, but maybe it removed some of our stupidity.

I think when people get too civilized, we lose touch with nature and with our own natural processes as well. We can become so remote from nature that a candy bar or large pile of bacon can be more appealing to us than something healthy. 

I am laughing, picturing someone eyeing the above offending foods compared to a sprout salad. 

I have been vegetarian for at least 15 years now. It seemed to take me about a year to stop craving meat. 

I still ate ice cream until about a year ago. I am not craving that any more. I substituted sorbet to make the transition easier, because I was an ice cream aholic. I don't even feel the urge to eat sorbet that often now. 

Eating raw foods is a new venture for me, and I don't plan to go on them  entirely. I have had a bit of raw foods in my diet for a couple of years. My journey towards healthier eating has been slow. It is likely that if I hadn't done it, that I would be dead by now.

My cholesterol, even after I had been off of most red meat for a few years, was so high it might have been better to read my cholesterol level with a dip stick instead of a blood test. Apparently my body makes cholesterol. 

Most people don't have the problem of their body making cholesterol, so your need to clean up your diet may not be as urgent as mine was. Most people who live in developed countries are overweight and eat bad diets. You very likely need to do better with your diet too. I hope you will do that. 

There is not much use preparing for emergencies if you are one.

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