Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nuked Back To The Stone Age?

Albert Einstein said, "It is unknown what weapons World War III will be fought with. World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

I just read that a Faraday cage will not shield against the magnetics part of an electromagnetic pulse. You have to buy something else to shield against that part of the problem. 

The thing you need to solve that problem is called a magnetic shield. I read that it is not possible to actually shield against magnetics, but only to deflect them. Moreover, this magnetic shield does not last indefinitely and must be replaced at unspecified intervals. 

It was suggested that one test said magnetic shield to see whether it is working. I found the names of a couple of companies that sell these magnetic shields. I will provide these.

I do not feel the urge to go find and purchase a magnetic shield. I have been thinking about World War IV. If our various countries' military industrial complex(es) is (are) really determined to nuke the human race back to the stone age, there does not seem to be a lot the rest of us can do about it.

I have either heard or read about other devices in existence or in the works that could wipe us out of existence or back to the stone age. Many of our government taxes are paying for these things.

One of particular note, is projects to make black holes. This apparently has been done. I was informed that it was nothing to worry about because the black hole that was made was only the size of a pinhole and only winked in and out of existence.

This did not reassure me. Black holes have the reputation of having an enormous gravitational pull so strong that they even pull light into them. As a black hole pulls stuff into it, the black hole grows larger and more powerful, and pulls more stuff into it, and so on....

It was not known for what purpose such a black hole created in a tax payer funded lab might be used. I think I can safely say it would be a weapon. 

There are at least 20 things, like the two HAARPs here in Alaska, that exist across the world. They are owned by different governments. They are mysterious to your average person. 

Some geeks have analysed them, however, and assure us that they are weapons. These weapons apparently have multiple purposes. One of these purposes is to use weather as a weapon. It seems to be possible to move huge storms to a desired location and keep them there.

Another purpose for these HAARP weapons is to cause earthquakes. I gather that it is believed that it is even possible to generate an earthquake large enough to cause the earth to split open.

Restraint is not a quality that I feel can be attributed to either government leaders or military leaders. I believe that we are quite near the beginning of World War III. I also believe that I have just listed some of the arsenal that we can expect to be used in WWIII. 

In that case, we may be quite lucky to only be nuked back to the stone age.

I do not like this prospect. I expect there are others who agree with me in this regard. I believe we can do something about this situation. I believe that we should do something about this situation.  I believe that we have an obligation to do it. 

I have ideas about what we should do about this situation. There may be people who will agree with me on my ideas of solutions. I will post about them.

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