Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Simple Tool For Peace Of Mind

I would not be a prepper if I did not have a more than usual awareness of potential difficulties. You probably would not be reading this if you did not have the same tendencies.

I like to think that my awareness of future emergencies means that I am able to deal with them better. This kind of thinking is how my mind works. The downside of it can mean that I can be more prone to excessive worry than an average person. 

My preference is to become aware of problems and then take care of them as best I can. Excessive worry is just another problem to solve.

My favorite tool for the problem of too much worrying is a smallish cardboard box. Mine happens to be heart shaped, but it does not matter what shape it is. 

I call mine my, "Gd Box". If you want one, you can call it whatever strikes your fancy. It could be a Universe Box, Buddha Box, Goddess Box or whatever.
You don't even have to call it anything.

I decorated mine with pictures from magazines and junk mail that I liked. Most have special meaning for me. One of those is on the top. It is of a man playing the fiddle, or violin. I expect he would call it a fiddle as he is wearing a plaid shirt and blue jeans.

I loved the play and movie, "Fiddler On The Roof". The Fiddler in that play was supposed to be Gd. I liked it that Tevvye was always talking to Gd. It was a very personal relationship, and I take mine the same way.

I sort of use my Gd Box as another way of communicating with Gd and relieving my worries. I glued the top on my box and made it big for it's purpose. It has a small slot on the top of it, next to the Fiddler. 

When I find myself worrying too much about something, I get a small piece of paper that I keep handy. I write about the problem that is bothering me on the paper.

I fold up the little piece of paper and tell Gd silently that I am giving up that problem to His care. I then do my best to forget about that problem. 

There are a lot of things in life that we can do absolutely nothing about. There are others that we can do something about, but we do that something and it is all we can do. Any of those kinds of problems go into my Gd Box. The symbolic act of writing down that problem, saying that I am letting go of that problem, and dropping it into a sealed box helps me to actually let go of the problem. I have been happier and more peaceful since I began this process.

Perhaps you will benefit from such a box, whatever you call it, as well.

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