Monday, August 20, 2012

Dealing With Discouragement

We all have times when we feel discouraged. We can feel like giving up at those times. 

This is a normal feeling. Human beings have always had times when we feel like this. Never, in the history of this universe have human beings had to contend with all of the difficulties that we face now. You have good reason to feel discouraged. There is nothing wrong with you for feeling that way.

Just because you have good reason to feel discouraged does not mean you can wallow in that feeling. It does not mean that you can give up.

One of the great things about human beings is that we are very good at finding ways around obstacles. We manage to overcome insurmountable odds. We do the impossible on a fairly regular basis.

You are one of these human beings who are capable of doing that. You can overcome whatever it is that is getting you down. You can keep going and win.

There are several posts on this blog (at least 5), on how to deal with PTSD. Even if you do not have PTSD, you can use the information in those posts to overcome whatever is making you feel discouraged.

Those posts, in a nutshell, are about taking small steps to deal with big problems. They are about doing what you need to do to keep going.

Find ways to break that big overwhelming problem into small pieces that you can tackle one at a time and piece by piece.

You can take a brief wallowing break and tend to your literal or figurative wounds. You can do things to make yourself feel better and keep your spirits up. You can take another look at your problem and break it down into manageable pieces. 

You can get your second wind. You can keep going. You can overcome your impossible obstacle. You are an ornery, quarrelsome, mean, human being. You are determined, you don't have give up in you. You can do it.

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