Friday, August 31, 2012

Reproductive Health 4 - Raising Sperm Counts

This post is a continuation of several posts about raising sperm counts. The reason for the subject is that sperm counts of men worldwide have been dropping for decades. This could affect the future of the human race.

5. Get the right amount of exercise. If you are active your sperm count will go up. Too much exercise lowers it again. 

6. Don't overdo it on the hot tub and hot baths. Staying too long in very hot water lowers sperm counts. That is half an hour or longer in water that is 102f (40c). 

7. Stay off of recreational drugs. That includes alcohol, tobacco and marijuana. You may not want to hear this, but if you want to make babies, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. When you think you have enough children, staying drunk, high, and stinking like tobacco could provide birth control in many ways. :-)

Even more serious than decreasing sperm count, alcohol, tobacco and marijuana can damage the DNA in sperm, causing birth defects and increase the risk of cancer for future babies. We already knew Mom's need to stop using recreational drugs while carrying a baby, but now we know Dad needs to clean up his act before Mom is even pregnant.

8. Regular bicycle seats can decrease sperm count. The one that look like two little circles separated by a space are better for sperm count.

9. Anything that warms up the genital area will probably lower sperm count. An example of this is a laptop computer sitting right in your lap. Use something to lift the laptop up a little so there is air circulation. Even a hot environment can be a problem for sperm count.

10. Coffee can be a cause for low sperm count. A cup a day does not seem to be a problem. More than that gets to be a problem.

11. Don't let your stress level get out of hand. There is a difference between no stress and dealing with it so it does not affect you badly. There are times when it is impossible to avoid stress. If you are experiencing high stress, my posts on coping with PTSD may be helpful, even though you may not actually have PTSD. Many of the ideas will work for any kind of stress.

12. Eat a healthy diet. Remember that, "you are what you eat." That applies to your sperm as well. If you want to make a baby, you need good building materials.

There are other things that can cause low sperm counts, including some over-the- counter drugs and even prescription drugs. There is more information about drugs and a few other causes of low sperm count on a site by an MD. He emphasizes more natural health than most MDs. He also offers an email newsletter. Here is his site:

The following site offers, "magic baby dust", for people who want children. They have pretty normal sounding information about getting pregnant etc.

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