Sunday, August 19, 2012

It Is What You Don't Eat That Gives You Goiters

Someone ended up on my page by looking for "salt that gives you goiters". It is not any kind of salt or anything else that causes goiters. It is lack of something that causes goiters. That something was discovered to be Iodine.

Somebody started puting Iodine in table salt to prevent goiters. Sea salt does not contain iodine, so if you never eat anything else with iodine in it and you only eat sea salt, you would get goiters.

For people in most developed nations that just will not happen. Manufacturers and fast food places put table salt in just about everything. I do not know the numbers for other countries, but the USA people eat more than 30 times the required amount of salt a year. 

This contributes to heart attacks and many other health problems. Too much salt is bad for you. If you eat processed foods it is almost inevitable that you are getting too much salt.

Goiters is not a problem for most affluent people to worry about. Too much salt with iodine in it or not, is plenty to worry about. It is a lot better to put your energy into finding ways to cut down the salt in your diet than to worry about goiters.

Retire your salt shaker to improve your preventive health care. Until you manage to stop using processed foods, you will still eat many times too much salt without ever picking up a salt shaker.

Many grocery stores have salt substitutes. They can help you ease into lowering your salt intake.

I have managed to change how I cook and eat to stop using most processed foods. That means that I have lowered my salt intake way below average for Americans. I probably still get too much.

It requires a lot of thinking, planning and work to stop depending on processed foods all of the time. It is possible to do and it gets easier once you learn how. Some day you may lower your salt intake enough to have a need for deliberately eating iodized salt, or table salt with iodine in it. It will probably take a while, however.

Reducing your salt intake to normal levels for your body's requirements is an important part of keeping your body in good shape. This will enable you to deal with everyday life and emergencies as well.

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