Friday, August 3, 2012

A Crisis Point For The Human Race

The choices we make now can make the difference between whether we live or whether we die. If we continue what we are doing, we may destroy ourselves. We, the human race, are at a crisis point in our development. 

We must make the right choices now. I want this post to help people to make the right choices. 

Some people say that the human race has entered the "electronic age". I included a timeline in this post to give you ways of looking at where we are now. You will notice that the "electronic age" is not very long.

This particular timeline places the beginning of the electronic age at about the year 2000. Since we are at only the year 2012 now, that means the electronic age has lasted 12 years so far.

The human race has caused great harm to the earth in a short time. We began "global warming" along with our industrial age. 

Climate change really accelerated since we began using more fossil fuels.  We can say it started with the "scientific revolution" shown on this timeline in 1600.

Notice that big changes in human history are occurring more frequently as time passes.

I believe that we reach time "nodes" where a great change may or may not take place. I believe that we have reached a change node now.

We are very dependent on types of fuel that we are running out of, for the way we live. We do not have good replacements for these types of fuel. 

We are very close to fighting over  increasingly scarce fuels. Weapons that we will use in WWIII don't give us much chance that our civilization will survive the war. It is even likely that we can all die.

I posted about some of the weapons being made, or already made, in addition to nuclear weapons. They are installations like HAARP, and black holes. Other chemical and biological weapons could be just as destructive to all of us.

We have to make the right choice at this change node. I have already posted my belief that spiritual development is a preparedness skill. It is even more important than that. Our spiritual skills are the reason for this change node.

It is time for a spiritual age to begin. This spiritual age can be made by practical, real world uses for spiritual gifts. 

We need these practical uses for spiritual gifts now. We need them to make it past  the threat of World War III. This war will be a confrontation over scarce fuels and other resources. It will be over the damage we have caused by using these fuels and resources.

We can use our spiritual gifts to replace scarce fuels to keep our way of life. We don't need to fight over our remaining fuels. We can repair the damage to the environment using our spiritual gifts. 

We can enjoy a better way of life than we have now and allow others to enjoy the same. With the use of our spiritual gifts, there is enough to go around.

Development and use of your spiritual gifts is a source of enormous power for you and for the human race as a whole. We need this now. You need this now.

I want you to discover, develop and use your spiritual gifts. I hope you will help to begin the next age, the spiritual age.

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