Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paranoia 101 For People Who "Have Nothing To Hide"

This post is to give some clue to people who think being honest, upstanding, etc., means their honesty will keep them safe when their government spies on them.

"It's okay if the government spies on me. I don't have anything to worry about because I have nothing to hide."

That is a phrase I hear a lot when the subject of government surveillance comes up. 

You can be the most honest person in the world and behave perfectly. Having the government spying on you and others is still a threat to your well-being.

Your honesty has no influence on the people who happen to be spying on you, or what they do with the information they get. 

Spies are not generally nice people. Lying becomes a way of life for most spies. How can it be otherwise when they may rarely even tell you their real name or occupation, or the truth about anything else? 

Some spies even kill people for a living. Even if a professional killer starts off with good intentions, such a way of life has a bad effect on them. 

Spies often work for people that make the spies look like paragons of virtue. Trusting spies and their bosses (often politicians), to make good use of a lot of very personal information about your virtuous life, is not necessarily a wise choice.

"What possible harm could come to me if people know everything about my virtuous life?" You might ask yourself,` or some dweeb like me.

Good information about good people can be used in endless bad ways. There is no way I can begin to even conceive of all of those ways. I like to think the reason why I can't do that is because I am not a bad enough person to think that way.

However I am just warped enough to have a few ideas about it, and I read things written by people who are more warped than me. I will therefore sully your innocence with some of those ideas.

I wish to begin with an old insurance scam. This is still being used today, even though it is very old. That is because it still works. It also works on virtuous people.

The only information needed to work this scam on a perfectly innocent victim is when you will be in your car at a certain time and place.

The scam involves three vehicles driven by the perpetrators. One of the perpetrators drives in front of the victim, one drives behind, one to the side. They box the victim into the right hand lane.

The perpetrator in front brakes without warning. The victim because of being boxed in, has no choice but to hit the rear of the perpetrator's car in front. 

The victim has just rear-ended a car in front of at least three witnesses, including the driver of the car that was hit. 

This scam used to be used to collect some insurance money for "injuries" and damages. Now it gets fancier and the victim can lose their socks and end up supporting one or more perpetrators for the rest of their life, because of lawsuits.

It is probably a bad idea to furnish your itinerary to people who are likely to do something to you like the scam above. Such people can do much more to you than a scam, like three car one, with even more information. Your virtuous life and sterling character are irrelevant to such people and whatever they happen to take it into their heads to do to you.

It took a lot of words for me to explain this single way that bad people can use neutral information in bad ways against innocent people. Maybe I will write about some other nasty ways bad people use information against good people, to do bad things to said good people.

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