Tuesday, August 7, 2012

More Ways To Keep Your Cool In Hot Weather

People die from the sudden onset of abnormally hot weather. If you are not used to hot weather you may not have much of an idea of how to stay cool, and therefore, alive. 

Climate change is causing abnormally hot weather in many parts of the world already. We can expect much more of this and it will keep getting worse as long as we live and for unborn generations.

This means we need to consider ways to deal with unusually hot weather as emergency preparedness. Many people living in areas suffering from hot weather now are not used to it enough to have ever needed or even thought about getting air conditioners. 

Even if you want an air conditioner, you may not be able to afford one and the steep rise in electric bills that come with them. It would make sense for you to learn how to deal with hot weather without an air conditioner. Even if expense is not a problem for you, it would behoove you to learn how to do without the air conditioner. You may have noticed that during hot weather there have been massive power outages. That means no air conditioning for most people.

Attic turbines activated by heat rising from the home are often used in hot climates and are not too expensive. Louvers at opposite ends of the attic are another helpful option. Whole house fans are expensive, but much cheaper than air conditioners.

Porches on the sides of the home facing the summer sun can help a lot. Awnings over windows can help also.  Trees can be planted to block the sun on the hottest sides of the house. It is best to use trees that shed their leaves in the fall so that they let the sun in during colder weather.
Vines can be used for the same purpose as I mentioned in my previous post.

I like scarlet runner beans for coolness vines because they grow very fast, produce edible, attractive beans, and they look pretty. They are also very easy to grow in many places. They are a tropical plant, I believe, but will even grow well here in Alaska.

Here is a site that has things about choosing plants for coolness:

There are lots more sites that go into it in much greater detail, but that will do for starters.

I don't know how obvious this is, but have found some people don't know it. Drink lots of extra cool water. If I am feeling dangerously overheated, I drink ice water. Don't drink it too fast, however. 

A cloth dipped in cool water and dabbed or placed on the forehead, temples, or nape of the neck helps. A spray bottle of cool water misted all over is helpful too. 

When my cats get hot, I have dunked them in cool water and barely dried them off. I let them air dry. I did this to one cat when I moved through the desert. I stopped at a rest stop whenever she got too dry and drenched her under the ladies room faucet. The first time or two she protested. After that she sat willingly while I did it, to the amazement of the other ladies present.

Dogs will tolerate spray bottles better than cats, so you may not need to dunk them. If you have a water dog like a retriever you will get enthusiasm with the dunking. Prepare to be drenched when they shake.

This post is long enough again. If I get enough viewers I will write more on this subject.

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