Monday, August 27, 2012

Cell Phones And Your Health

I just read something on the internet that said that cell phones carried in men's pockets reduces their testosterone levels. I am imagining all male readers grabbing their cellphones out of their pockets and tossing them across the room. lol.

Apparently if you carry them elsewhere on your bodies, it does not affect your testosterone levels. Shirt pockets, or arm band holders seem okay.

This post is not about testosterone levels, however, that is for a later post. This one is for an even more urgent matter. Cell phones are enough of a problem for testosterone levels if carried too close to one's family jewels, but they may be a problem for any part of your body, male or female.

I am in the process of deciding what I want to do about this myself. I am weighing two options that occurred to me immediately. One of these options is to carry my cell phone with me and have it turned off and to just turn it back on periodically to check it for new messages. I am not sure this would be enough and might want to take the battery out as well.

The other option was to do some kind of shielding between my body and the cell phone. I was thinking about lead. That stops a lot of stuff going through the air. I was thinking of having a thin lead shield open only on the side away from my body. 

I have reservations about this idea because of the problems with lead. Lead is really bad for you and I certainly don't want to deal with bad effects from lead. I am going to do more research on this matter and will get back to you on it afterwards.

The reason I had such a strong reaction to this information about cell phones and testosterone is because of something I learned about cell phones when they were just beginning to become popular.

I used to know a California Highway patrolman. He told me that there had been a spate of highway patrolmen getting brain tumors. One right after another of them got brain tumors. It turned out the brain tumors all showed up in the same area of their heads. It was where the cell phone receivers in the patrol cars were installed near the patrolmen's heads.

I suggested that he talk to his union negotiator and get the cell phone units relocated in the cars right away. He happened to be a negotiator himself and said he was getting right on that.

Those brain tumors were too much for coincidence. The lowered testosterone levels near cell phones, can't be either. Cell phones clearly have an effect on the human body and it does not seem to be a good one.

For right now, you may want to get your cell phone away from parts of your body that you are especially fond of. I hope that occasional use will not be a problem for talking on them. But carrying them constantly in one spot does seem to be a problem that you might want to consider for disaster prevention on a very personal level.

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