Thursday, March 28, 2013

What Is A Survival Bracelet?

Somebody searched about what a survival bracelet is. Thanks. That takes care of a nice post for tonight that I don't particularly need to do any more research on.

A survival bracelet is a USA fad for wearing a bracelet that can help with disaster preparedness. Each bracelet is made of extremely tough cording. The cording is so strong that a thin piece of it can support the weight of a human being. 

A survival bracelet is made so that each one contains several yards of the aforementioned tough cording. They are made so that they can be quickly and easily unraveled in an emergency. This will allow you to safely lower yourself or others from a high window to allow you to escape. This could be in a fire or home invasion for example.

The cording in a survival bracelet was begun by soldiers who made them from parachute cording. The originals were only standard military colors. Now they can be found in a whole rainbow of colors to suit your fancy.

People have come up with endless good uses for the cording in survival bracelets. Youtube is full of survival videos that show possible uses for it. They may not specifically mention survival bracelets or paracord, which is a name for the cording. You may have to think a little to notice when the video applies to survival bracelet paracord.

One of my favorite uses is to build a makeshift survival shelter in case you get stranded overnight and need to stay warmer. It is a lot easier to build a faster and better shelter if you can use some paracord from your survival bracelet to build it. You can tie branches together to make a framework to start the shelter.

Another good use for the survival bracelet stuff is to hang a cooking pot over a fire. It is easier to get just the right height to keep it cooking, without burning the food.

If you have a survival bracelet during an emergency, you will be inspired to find many more good uses for it. 

It seems to me that having a survival bracelet handy at all times is pretty easy. You just wear it on your wrist. Something that easy to do, that can be so valuable during an emergency, seems like a good investment in time.

I wrote another post on links to videos about making your own survival bracelet (s). Some of the videos have how to make a jig that simplifies and speeds up making survival bracelets. 

I hope you will consider adding a survival bracelet to your preparedness items. It is very cheap to make your own and not that hard to do.

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