Monday, March 25, 2013

Naturopaths For Preparedness Health

Staying as healthy as possible is an important part of emergency preparedness. During a disaster medical care can be very difficult to find. If you do find uninjured medical personnel with operational facilities, they will be very, very busy. You will be in a very long line waiting for help.

The last thing you need in such a situation, is ordinary health problems that are not connected with the disaster. 
If you are in good health when disaster strikes, you will be much better off than someone who ordinarily has an assortment of common ailments.

A naturopathic doctor can be part of your plan to stay healthy all the time. 

One big advantage of naturopaths is that they have a very strong emphasis on preventing health problems.  Allopathic, or regular medical doctors are doing much better than they used to at emphasizing prevention in their health care, but this is still a little sickly compared to naturopaths.

Naturopaths have a thorough understanding of what your body needs to run efficiently and stay healthy. Allopathic doctors have to learn this stuff on their own. They only get a couple of hours of nutrition training in their whole time in medical school.

I am not advocating that you forget about your allopathic doctor, but your health will be much better if you can also see a naturopathic doctor. When enough people insist on it, our allopathic doctors will coordinate their care with that given by naturopathic doctors. 

Just insisting that your allopathic doctor work in conjunction with naturopaths is not enough, to get the change we desire. It is also necessary to get changes made by our government and our insurance companies.

The biggest obstacle that we face in getting naturopathic medical care is the big drug companies. The legal pharmaceutical industry is the largest money maker in the world. That gives them enough clout to run our lives much more than is healthy for us.

The pharmaceutical industry has too much of a stranglehold on allopathic medicine for the well-being of either our doctors or us. I know that many readers are probably unaware of this situation, so I will give you one example about this problem that is easier to understand.

That is the choices our allopathic doctors make for our medications. I will give you some links about a little of this.
Thorough. one is funny.
This is short and pithy.
This one gets into it well.

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