Tuesday, March 5, 2013


This may be a very short post. (* See note at end of post.) I dislocated a bone in my hand and it is incredibly painful to touch type. I am doubtful I can hold my train of thought while typing with the hunt and peck or two finger methods.

I did discover that by pushing on the underside of my hand with a pencil eraser, I can make something in there click and it feels good again for a while.
It may be a hint to give it a rest so it will stay put. lol. That might be sensible. I don't know that I indulge in that virtue all that much. This pain is persuasive, however.

I did the eraser trick and it was better for a minute. Now not so good again.

I was thinking about posting about discouragement because of people not dealing seriously with climate change, when we are so close to a dead end on what we can ever do about it.

We are almost to the point where not much we do will make a difference any more. The stuff we need to do to head that off is not going to be easy and we have a very short time to do it. 

The chances that we can get enough people to pay attention, accept the problem, and care to do anything about it before it is too late are not good. That isn't even allowing for actually figuring out what to do and doing it.

We know a lot of things we can do right now to stop or even reverse climate change. Very few people are doing those things. It will require most, or all of the human race to get to work on climate change in order to make any difference in the time we have left.

It reminds me of a movie I like a lot. The captain is piloting the ship in dire circumstances and is poker-faced as he wrestles to save his ship. A guy next to him, says something about the captain not acting very concerned. The captain said, "How's this: O Gd. O Gd. We're all going to die." 

That is the situation. O GD! O GD! WE
'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!! lol. We really need that in a few headlines. It isn't that we will drop dead immediately. We will have plenty of time to have horrible lingering deaths and watch our children and grandchildren die before they have a chance to get old.

I am mostly a peaceful type. I am a vegetarian and have taken spiders outside and and let them loose.

I do believe in gun rights and self defense. I am just fine with shooting somebody who breaks into my home or otherwise threatens my life or my loved ones.

I noticed that more people are peacefully protesting about climate change now. It is even happening all over the world. Peaceful protest is a nice idea, but it takes a while. I doubt we have a while.

It has occurred to me that the "Earth First" movement may have been ahead of its time. It makes me wonder if they were headed in the right direction. If any cause is worth putting your life on the line,  maybe making it possible to sustain life on Earth is it.

People fight over all kinds of things. Maybe we should set all of the other reasons aside and just all fight to stay alive and make it possible for future generations to do the same.

* Note: I must have been crazed with pain, (yeah, that sounds good,) but I did not set my automatic post right and when I checked it, I missed that it didn't work. I am sorry for not getting my post out on time. My hand is okay for now, thanks.

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