Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Protect Your Brain - Preparedness Health

A lot of people take care of their health by good diet and exercise. This is a perfectly good starting place, but it does absolutely no good to have a fit body if your mind is out to lunch.

Watching people I know try to cope with the ravages of Dementia and Alzheimers does nothing to set one's mind at ease about retaining good use of one's own mind. We do not have to "go gentle into that dark night", we can "rage, rage against the dying of the light". 

There are things we can do to help give some protection against the loss of our own mental faculties. None of these things is foolproof, but it can help. I am collecting information of this sort for my personal use and adding all of it to my activities and diet, etc.

It is just not pleasant to face the idea that we may lose our minds at some point. Hiding it from ourselves will not help. We must look at this fear directly and do the best we can to fight it.

It has preoccupied me for a while to find materials and methods to fight the ravages of health and age on my own mind, so I expect others who share this fear will like to know what I have found as well. Here goes:

Ginkgo Biloba is an herb that has the reputation of improving the function of your mind, especially memory. Ginkgo trees don't grow everywhere, so most of us have to get it from a store or online. If you do that you have to choose between whether you want some that is processed to have an even and predictable amount of the good stuff in it. If you take some ginkgo biloba relatively straight from the tree, the effectiveness varies a great deal from one batch to another, even from the same tree.

I picked the standardized herbal supplement. It is more processed, but I get the same amount of effectiveness all the time.

Apparently the brain benefits from a workout as much, if not more than, the rest of your body does. They now offer fitness for your brain online. I am coming up on four weeks on one of those. I believe that I am experiencing benefits from even such a short time spent on giving my brain a workout.

The site that I use for my brain fitness exercises, includes exercises  to make your brain work harder in specific areas. The company that I use gives you charts and graphs so that you can keep track of your progress and understand it more easily. Their computer plans sets of daily exercises that you may use to get a good brain workout.

The company that I use for my brain fitness offers an extensive explanation of the theory and research behind their programs. Professionals involved in many aspects of physical and psychological well-being from all over the world, are cooperating with volunteers in ongoing research to improve the understanding and effectiveness of brain fitness programs. 

Users of the site have the option of volunteering to participate in these projects if they like. 

The cost for the particular site that I use for my brain fitness training is about $15.00 US a month at the monthly rate. Discounts are available.

I believe it is worth your while to consider doing something to keep your brain as fit as the rest of you.

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