Monday, March 11, 2013

Stay Warm And Save The Earth!

Stay warm and save the earth! One of the  easiest ways to help save the earth is to use less fuel to heat you home. It just requires turning down your thermostat. That is one of those things that can be easier to do in theory than in life.

Once that thermostat is down and the temperature inside your home drops along with the thermometer, you may want to turn it back up because you feel cold. It can take a while to get used to lower home temperatures. There is no need to set yourself up for the failure of your good intentions.

There are lots of things you can do to feel more comfortable with a lower temperature in your home. You might as well set yourself up to make it easier for you and your family to be comfortable with the lower home temp.

Wearing a hat to keep your head warm is the most difference a single clothing item can make to help the rest of you feel warm as well. A fuzzy fleece hat or cozy knit one are good choices. If you feel very cold, you might want to opt for extra insulation in your warm hat.

I make my own hats and plan to offer free plans on this site to help you to make your own hats as well. Once you know how to make your own hats, it gives you more choice to get the colors and fabrics you like and save money as well. There will be both sewn and knitted and crocheted hats offered on this site for you to make.

My favorite item of clothing to wear to keep comfortable at lower home temps is a vest. I prefer fleece, but also make knitted or crocheted ones. I intend to either offer plans or patterns on this site to help you make your own vests or links to other sites that will offer free patterns.

Warm scarves do a lot to make you feel more comfortable at lower home temps. Scarves are nice for new knitters or crocheters because the straight lines make them easy to do for beginners. Your first scarf may be a little wavy along the edges and have a few other problems, but it will work to keep you warm anyway.

I also like to wear footgear to keep my feet warm for comfort in lower home temps. I do not knit socks yet, but I have crocheted slipper socks. 

I just bought ready made leather soles with fleece lining and pre-punched holes to knit or crochet into. It came with directions for the knit or crochet tops for the slippers. I like the nubby multi-colored yarn that I chose for the slippers. They are warm and comfortable to wear. I bought those from a Tandy store. 

If there is no Tandy store near you, they have an online catalog that you can use to order from them. Tandy is a company that specializes in leatherwork tools and supplies. 

When you feel very cold, you may need to do more to keep your body warm as you become accustomed to lower home temperatures. One of the items that helps with this problem is a heating pad. They require very little electricity to run for a long time and do a lot to help raise your core body temperature and make you feel warm. I sometimes use a heating pad while sitting at my computer for a long time. A hot water bottle will do the same job. They have heated items made for the microwave that you can wrap in a towel and use to keep warm. 

I have made my own and may offer instructions for these. It isn't rocket science and you probably don't really need any instructions. The most important part of using these safely is to put a cup with water in it in your microwave along with the heater. The material I put inside mine is rice. It can catch fire when re-heated several times, without the cup of water in the microwave with it.

These rice stuffed heaters for the microwave are nice for sore spots where you have arthritis or soreness from exercise or something else. I have made these for gifts that were appreciated a lot.

The items I have mentioned in this blog post can be purchased easily, but it is more satisfying and fun to do yourself. You can also save a lot of money by making them yourself and use recycled materials to help the Earth even more.

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