Friday, March 29, 2013

Christian Earth 101

Being a Christian, you know what Genesis says. It goes into a lot of detail about how Gd made various parts of the Earth and the life upon it. Every time Gd made something, he said it was, "Good".

Does that sound like somebody who wants His property wrecked?

We are not being very good property managers. If we really love Gd, why do we want to treat Him this way?

It seems odd to me that so many devout Christians are not concerned about what is happening to the Earth. There are even holdouts among Christians who say they do not believe that climate change is real.

I have been trying to figure out how it is possible that Christians can manage not to believe that climate change is happening. My best idea is that they are people who never watch the news or read newspapers or listen to the radio. They would have to live somewhere that weird weather is not going on also. 

That last one is also hard to figure out. I don't think there can be anywhere left that is not having bouts of very strange weather. I read something by someone who wrote that they think climate change is not happening because getting snow in normally warm places means it can't be happening. No, I am not referring to the warm place in the afterlife, I mean southern areas of the USA, or possibly desert areas like Arizona or Nevada.

I think that when people were still calling the weird weather, "global warming", that might have caused some confusion. People have stopped talking about "global warming", and use, "climate change", instead. 

Climate change works much better to describe what is happening with our weird weather than "global warming". The reason for this is that even though the Earth really is getting hotter very fast, it is not even, and not steady, and the hotter spots don't stay put.

The way that scientists study climate change is confusing until you find out more about it. They collect temperature patterns from all over the Earth. Then they add all of the temperatures and average them to get the temperature of the Earth. 

This average temperature of the Earth is higher than ever before in recorded history. It is also getting higher faster than even pessimists expected. 

Very bad things can happen when temperatures change on the Earth. One of these, that is already happening, is with things we depend on to make the air that we breathe. Some of these things that make the air that we breathe are trees and other plants. 

We are used to thinking about trees and other plants cleaning our air. There are other living things that make even more oxygen than trees do. They live in the oceans.There are zillions of tiny microscopic sea life that make more oxygen for us to breathe than big trees do. 

Part of our problems that we are busy making for ourselves is those tiny oxygen makers in the ocean. They are not as strong and adaptable as humans are. When the ocean temperature changes even a few degrees they start dying. This is already starting.

I don't want to write any more about the bad things that are happening with climate change in this post. I have written about that already. You can read it later if you want to.

I want to say why Christians might want to take better care of the Earth. I have only said enough to give you an idea that we are not taking very good care of the Earth lately.

The whole Earth belongs to Gd. Most Christians will agree with that. We have been given stewardship over the Earth. We are sort of resident managers. That is our "dominion" over the Earth. We are supposed to be loving caretakers.

I like to think we have a lot closer relationship with Gd, than a resident manager and a property owner. I think love is and should be involved.

When you love someone you want to know everything you can about them and find ways to please them and help them to be happy. 

Gd is the Supreme Artist. The Earth is His Art. I love the Earth because it is a reflection of its Maker. I don't think everybody has to think and act the way I do, so I don't think all Christians have to love the Earth for the same reasons I do. 

I don't even think you need to love the
Earth at all to be a good Christian. I do think you at least need to respect it as Gd's handiwork that we are given to care for. 

It beats me how anyone can say they love Gd and not respect his work given to us for safekeeping, the Earth. We need to show our love for Gd with our actions as well as our words. 

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