Friday, March 15, 2013

Pina Colada Milkshake - Can Be Used For Diatomaceous Earth

One time when I was doing a lot of air travel I found myself with a horrible ten hour layover in Atlanta. That is not long enough to want to get a hotel room, but you can really get tired of that huge airport in that amount of time. Fortunately, I discovered a juice bar. They made milkshakes and smoothies there. One of their best was a sober pina colada milkshake. 

They made the best one I have ever tasted. They made their own coconut ice cream from fresh coconuts and put fresh pineapple in it.

I don't usually do all of that however. I do it the easy, fast, and cheap way. Mine is not as good, but it is still pretty good.
I also leave out the ice cream. You can put some in if you like, however. I use ice cubes, instead. That is lower calories and cholesterol.

I use coconut cream or coconut milk to make it. Coconut cream tastes better, but it is more oily and not as healthy.

I also use canned pineapple most of the time. I don't have precise proportions of the coconut or pineapple that I use. I normally go light on the coconut milk and more pineapple. I will usually have a much smaller can of coconut milk than of pineapple, and sometimes only use half a can of the coconut milk to make it and a whole can of pineapple. If I do that, I usually make another batch the next day and use another can of pineapple.

I go by taste on how much to put in. You have probably already figured that I put all of this into a blender. I also put in a banana. I mostly go by what will fit into the blender and how it tastes. A big banana will not fit in, so I cut it in half and put that in. 

Protein powder, flax seed powder, diatomaceous earth, and things like that are good additions to this recipe, and I usually put those in as well.

Now you can end up with a not very serious dilemma as far as leftovers for this recipe. If you are left with half a can of coconut milk and half a banana after you make this up and drink it, you will either be forced to find another use for them or make more pina colada shake.
I generally opt for another batch of pina colada shake.

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