Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Your Chance To Make A Difference With A World Leader

This is a personalized form letter about fracking for oil and gas in the USA and then selling it to other countries. If you read my posts about fracking you already know that fracking is very hazardous for the people who live in the area. It causes swarms of earthquakes and pollutes ground water as well as waterways and causes many other equally horrible problems that ruin land forever.

Doing fracking for our own energy needs is bad enough, but doing just to get a small amount of money that doesn't begin to make up for the harm it does is much worse.

Since I know how bad fracking is, I had to sign this form computer letter and add my bit as well. They want to do fracking in a pure and beautiful wildlife reserve in Alaska. 

This fracking is even worse than usual because it also risks starting WWIII by provoking Russia. I already posted about that. We escaped that problem last year because of continuous equipment failures on the part of Shell Oil. They will try fracking in our wildlife reserve again this summer. 

I believe anyone who wants a chance to stay alive should also write President Obama. He will probably even think about it a little if people from other countries write to him about this. I hope when you read this, you will also go to this link or type it in your browser and then write to Obama also. Here is a link: 

The text of the form letter and the part I added at the beginning follow:

Hi yet again. I think I should get frequent flier miles for writing you. 

Anyway. This time it is about natural gas. The chuckleheads in charge of AKI resources forgot to even think about Alaskas own gas needs in their rush to get Chinese money. They are in line for having trouble running the power plant in our largest city, Anchorage because of selling gas to China. We need to think of ourselves first. China is doing just fine, thank you. We don't need to wreck our country forever to make a few fast bucks for a very few greedy people. 

Fight the forces of evil greed. Your name will go down in history either way. It lasts longer than anything you could get paid for selling out.

This industry-friendly group only concludes that LNG export is good economics because it focuses on all the money that would flow out of our pockets, going to the natural gas industry and the wealthiest people in our country. The report completely ignores or unfairly dismisses the real costs to hard-working Americans and their communities -- increased costs to heat our homes and businesses; the loss of jobs in industries most affected by LNG exports, including domestic manufacturing; and projected costs associated with environmental destruction due to fracking and healthcare costs for those affected by polluted air and water.

The DOE has a responsibility to conduct a complete environmental and economic assessment of LNG exports to truly determine if it is truly to the benefit of the American public. A full environmental impact statement for LNG exports must be conducted, including the impacts in fracked communities. I deserve to know what my real costs will be to us when sending natural gas overseas. Additionally, rules must be put in place to protect our interests before DOE authorizes any exports.

That was the end of the form letter. I hope you will either write your own letter or use that one to tell President Obama that you would like for him to stop fracking. The more people that tell him, the better chance we have of changing his mind and giving ourselves a chance for a future at all, and maybe even a chance for a better future.

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