Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Way To Save Your Freedom

There is a horrible thread that runs through the history of the last century or so. People have a government that seems to be running along fine until it takes a turn for the worse and runs amuck and tramples lives and liberties.

The Nazi government was the most recent one on a large scale. It was the Nazi Party that took over everything and everyone and began killing anyone who made a convenient scapegoat or got in their way.

The government of the USA is the next most likely candidate for this horrible thread. The TSA is the most likely institution to start it. The government as a whole has already began wholesale killings of innocent people, so we do not have much further to go in this process. (Drones and "collateral" damages)

This all really got going with trying to be safe from having more tall buildings blown up by a few terrorists wielding box cutters. We Americans have become so afraid of repeating the World Trade Center disaster, that we have been throwing away our freedom, bit by bit.

Now we have an almost out-of-control government agency, the TSA, taking over to remove the rest of our freedom, along with our dignity. 

First it was small ant bites out of our freedom. We had to stand in line for an extra hour or so every time we flew on a plane. Then we couldn't carry a few things in our carry-on luggage or our persons. Then it was a few more things we couldn't carry on planes.

Then we had to take our shoes off. Next we had to submit to either virtual nudity machines that we were assured would never be public. Of course those nudie pics of ordinary dignified people, who wanted to fly on planes got onto the internet. That was a complete surprise, of course. The alternative was a very intrusive groping, often described by former rape victims, as an official rape.

Now we can't carry even more stuff, like toiletries, on planes. 

We can avoid all of this if we want to pay extra money to avoid it. That, of course, ensures that the people who pay extra are not security risks with box cutters looking to blow up tall buildings. That couldn't possibly be a way of making bribe money from people who want to avoid such indignities and violence.

The TSA has grown to a very large organization in a very short while. Now it is in charge of most or all of the law enforcement in the USA. They can disappear people without trial and order American citizens executed in another country without consulting any court. (Awlaki and two others were executed by drone attacks.)

Torture has been used as a matter-of-fact way to get information, or even just for the entertainment of prison guards. (Abu Ghraib)

Americans have been held for years in a foreign country without even being told what they were suspected of. (Guantanamo Bay.)

The areas in the responsibility of the TSA have grown rapidly. At first it was only airplanes. Now it has spread to city sidewalks, sports, entertainment and political events, ferries, and trains.

Even as recently as the 1960's Americans bragged about how our country was superior to the Communist Russians because they could be stopped and required to present their government papers or be arrested at any time.

The Russians are no longer subjected to such infringements on their freedom, but Americans are. 

This process will not stand still. The power and authority of the TSA will only grow as American freedom shrinks. 

Americans must wake up and take back freedom before it is all gone.

Here is a link to a petition to end the TSA: http://www.chooseliberty.org/tsa.aspx?pid=0216

This is your chance to stand up for freedom and dignity for Americans without firing a shot. I hope you take this chance. We owe it to generations of Americans who said things like, "Give me liberty, or give me death!" They put their lives on the line. We can put our signatures on the line.


  1. Are you out of your mind? If you hate America then leave.

    Nazi Germany and the current condition of the United States in 2013 have nothing in common.

    The T.S.A. did not even exist until the tragedy of 9/11.

    Next you will say that the Jewish Holocaust never happened...

  2. Dear Anonymous: Your comments have no connection to what I actually posted. Nothing you said was posted in my blog. I did not say I hate America. I did not say the TSA existed before 911. On the contrary, I said that since it has done so much harm to our freedom in the short time of its existence, it is more dangerous.

    I certainly will not say the Jewish Holocaust never happened. I compared the TSA to Nazis because of their behavior being similar and do not want the Holocaust repeated in America.

    If you love America, your time might be better spent signing the petition to abolish the TSA than making comments about blog posts you have not read.