Monday, February 18, 2013

Do You Want Other Countries" Drone Attacks In the USA?

Save Democracy. Save a lot of American lives. Tell Obama you don't want our drones making the USA hated the world over. Say you don't want to spend the rest of your life running between bunkers.

Drones are easy to make and easy to use. It does not take rocket science to arm a drone and kill people with it. If we continue as we are doing, we will have drone attacks in the USA. Drone attacks are much easier to plan and execute than 911. We may become as nervous about our skies as Pakistanis are now. 

Obama has a "legal" study saying that it is okay under US law to kill US Citizens by drone attacks without a trial or even contacting the Justice Department. 

Write your representatives. Tell them to support this bill. 

This is, by the way, after the fact. They already killed three US citizens by drone attacks in foreign countries. You probably already know about Awlaki.

They also killed two other US citizens. One was Awlaki's sixteen-year-old son. His grandfather is attempting to take that to court now.

Here is a discussion, including an ex CIA lawyer, that explains what is going on with this stuff and how it affects us now and will in the future:

The discussion above is very clear and easy to understand.

One of the participants in the discussion above mentions that over 50 countries now have drone technology. We are not popular all over the world because of our drone attacks in countries that we are not at war with. We are risking tit for tat by any of those 50+ countries by continuing our drone attacks. 

Little kids make drones. Here is a link to a drone that can be controlled by a cell phone:

This is a link to a drone that shoots:

No matter if you are Demmican or Republicrat, it makes no difference. Living safe and free goes beyond party lines and borders. We all want this. Stand up and say you want it.

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