Sunday, February 17, 2013

Link to Climate Rally Feb 17, 2013 At The White House, Washington DC

Here is a live link to the biggest climate rally in US History in Washington DC.

This is the text of a petition I signed about this. My own personal part is the red letter section. It is connected to the site above: 

Dear President Obama:

I wouldn't want to be you if you let them use that pipeline. You need new advisers if you think starting up the KXL pipeline is a solution to problems. We urgently need to cut back the carbon molecules in our atmosphere to 350 rather than the 392 ppm we currently have, not add more from the dirtiest fuel on the planet. 

As more people understand how serious this problem is, more and more people will blame you for their troubles in the near future, and as long as there are survivors. 

A couple of generations have been digging the grave of the human race, but you will get credit for putting up the tombstone, unless you make good on your promises and begin the changes we need to survive.

President Obama, in your 2013 inaugural address, you said you would "respond to the threat of climate change, knowing that failure to do so would betray our children and future." Approving toxic-energy projects such as the Keystone pipeline would only respond to that threat by making it worse.

Now is the time to move our country forward into a clean-energy revolution.  Renewable energy has more potential than ever before.  Our leaders must build off that momentum, not ignore it. 

 Current Washington DC weather:

50,000 people attended the rally at its peak during march.

The rally is over now. Here is a link to the 350 site:

They plan to have a meeting in Istanbul this June 24-30. They call it, "Global Power Shift".  Here is a link to the site for it:

If you have never been active in a cause before, now is the time. Our lives depend on it.      

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