Saturday, February 9, 2013

You Can Help Save A Disabled Veteran's Service Dog From Being Executed On Valentine's Day

Help save the life of a disabled military veteran's service dog! The dog is due to be executed unjustly on Valentine's Day. I am including a link to a site where you can electronically sign a petition to the city officials that plan to execute the dog:

There are some real clinkers in the story of the woman who was allegedly bitten by the dog. I think she was actually bitten by her own pit bull and claimed that it was Dutch in order to get money from his disabled veteran owner.

I think that if they check the bite marks, they will show that they are from her pit bull instead of Dutch. 

The "bitten" woman also claimed to have only struck Dutch once with a metal pole that bent immediately. This is not consistent with Dutch's injuries. 

If  Dutch had been in a dog fight with a pit bull, he would have had numerous and severe bite marks on him. It is more likely that he was trying to protect the woman from her own dog.

The damage inside the house seems inconsistent with what the woman claims. It is more likely that she damaged it herself  or let both dogs in and then she hit one or more dogs with pieces of furniture. 

I believe her claim that she barricaded herself inside her bedroom for fear of further attacks by Dutch is also unlikely. The city animal control official said himself that he had never seen multiple attacks by a dog from one attack by a person on the dog. 

I think she called her boyfriend to get a witness to collect damages. I think $24,000.00 is somewhat excessive for bandages, and antibiotic and maybe a splint even from emergency. It isn't as if she was in intensive care. The size of the claim is suspicious for someone only interested in expenses.

The expert witnesses on Dutch's behalf show that he does not have the personality to do as claimed by his former owner.

I hope readers will sign the petition and call or write the city officials to help save this poor disabled veteran's dog.

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