Monday, February 4, 2013

A Cheap Natural Way To Control Anemia

The problem of anemia for women did not use to be as widespread as it is today. The reason for that is our cookware. Most of us use some sort of non-stick coated pots and pans. It is those pans that we have used to cause the problem with anemia.

The simple solution is to use cast iron cookware. You don't even have to use it for all of your cooking. One pan that you use every day will do the job of getting rid of anemia.

When you cook in cast iron cookware a small amount of iron leaches out of the cast iron pot, pan or skillet into the food being cooked in it. That small amount of iron in your food every day is enough to stop you from becoming anemic most of the time. 

One of the reasons we stopped using cast iron cookware is that we don't want to do any pot scrubbing. Once you season your cast iron cookware, it isn't much more trouble to take care of than non-stick cookware. You do need to wash it right away when you use it and not use soap on it unless you want to season it again. 

It is a lot less trouble to wash out one cast iron pan than it is to be sick and anemic. When you are anemic, your immune system is weak and you seem to catch every stray disease that goes by. 

Feeling tired and listless from being anemic is not fun either. Between having colds and flu all the time and feeling tired even when you don't have a cold or the flu, it is hard to have a life when you are suffering from anemia.

Becoming extremely anemic can be life threatening. Once you are anemic enough, your body stops processing some of the food that you eat and it gets into a cycle that just keeps getting worse. When you are that anemic, it is called pernicious anemia, or Biermer's or Addison's Anemia.

The part of your food that your body stops processing is vitamin B12. This vitamin is necessary to make good red blood cells. If you don't have good red blood cells your body will not get enough oxygen where it needs it. That is why you get tired when you are anemic. You are not getting enough oxygen throughout your body.

Here is a link to an article about pernicious anemia:

This article talks about doctors giving people with pernicious anemia vitamin B12 shots. 

I have been sseverly anemic several times and my doctor perscribed some pills for it. The pills had horrible side effects. Your solid wastes turn black and you get horribly constipated. I used to bleed when I used the toilet from using that medicine. 

If you get so anemic that your doctor wants you to take vitamin B12 shots or the pills, you had better let him (her), or you can die. That is what used to happen to people who had pernicious anemia in the past.

Once you are better from your anemia, you might like to try the cast iron pan, pot or skillet. Washing out one pot every day is a lot better than getting shots or taking pills that make you constipated, and getting sick and tired all the time.

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