Thursday, February 7, 2013

Free Life Insurance - Survive A Shooting Attack

Sniper attacks seem to be very "in" lately. Every time I look at any news, there is a new sniper attack somewhere. Since most sniper attacks result in one or more persons being killed and or injured, besides the sniper, the chances of my dear readers facing this problem are going up. 

I would rather none of you be killed by a sniper, therefore this post will provide you tips on how to avoid death or injury by a sniper.

I'm starting with ideas from an expert on how to reduce or prevent casualties on incidents in schools. Instead of having them simply huddle in a corner and provide an easy target, it was suggested having them huddle in a corner covered by a blanket that repels bullets. 

The expert also suggested that school locks be changed to magnetic locks and doors be made stronger so that they can not be destroyed and entered by snipers as easily as they can now. 

Here is a link to the article so you can learn more if you like:

I found you more sites about how to survive shooting or sniper attacks. They agree about some things and not others. I think the disagreement is mostly about what kind of attack is happening to you.

If you are outside and do not know where the shooting is coming from it is different than an inside attack when you can see the shooter and know where he, or they, are.

If you are outside and don't know where the shooting is coming from, the best advice seems to be to start moving, but don't move in a straight line to make yourself an easy target. It was also suggested that you move as fast as you can. The writers seem to agree that it is best to head for something to block you from sight and firing line of the shooter.

Suggestions are getting inside away from windows and doors, or under a vehicle because most snipers are up high and won't be able to see you there. 

Most of the suggestions deal with indoor shootings that are a more direct confrontation than a sniper. Schools are mentioned a lot. 

The most authoritative sounding author gave suggestions based on what kind of action you want to take, attack the shooter or evade. This site is here:  This one gives a new meaning to seating choice in the classroom.

Here are more sites about how to survive a shooting attack:

I have not yet found advice from a really authoritative source on how to survive a shooting attack, either sniper or a direct attack. When I find some, I plan to post more on this subject, but this is what we have to go on for now.

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