Friday, February 15, 2013

Eating Up Our Futures

Yesterday I posted that I am not sure whether it is worth continuing this blog since readers don't pay much attention to my posts about climate change and the environment. There is no point to being prepared for other emergencies if you ignore the one that will kill you no matter what else you do. That one is climate change.

Climate change will not go away if we ignore it. It will only stop getting worse faster if we change what we are doing. This will require a whole new way of living. A little change will no longer do. The longer we wait to change, the worse the problem becomes. 

News people and people they cover say things about how we need to work on climate change for our grandchildren. That is total cr*p. We need to work on climate change for ourselves. More and more of the people who are alive now will be killed by the results of climate change from now on. 

Maybe you are feeling safe because you have not been hit by a super hurricane, super storm or swarm of tornadoes yet. You had better get over that safe feeling. Those aforementioned weather problems are going to keep getting bigger very fast. They will cover a lot more area. The place you live can become part of where those hurricanes, storms or tornadoes go.

If you think you are absolutely certain not to have any of those problems there will be other problems that can still get you. Drought, record heat spells, fires and power outages can reach areas not yet bothered by the storms and tornadoes.

There is one problem the news media are not mentioning. It is food. Growing food depends on the weather. You can not raise much food when the weather is totally unpredictable. The drought last year covered 60% of the agricultural land in the USA.

Food is one of the major exports of the USA. Last year's drought will have a big effect on food prices worldwide. Prices have already risen from it, but this year will show it worse. This is only the beginning of this problem. 

Food will become more and more scarce as climate change increases. Prices will go up even if you can get food, so more people will go hungry and starve.

There are fewer people raising food for the rest of the human race than ever before. We are very dependent on lots of machinery to raise our food.  

All of that machinery is adding to our climate change.

That isn't even getting into how we ship food clear around the world. It is normal to have food from many different and distant countries on our plates every day.

We are eating up our futures. We need to think about tomorrow, now.

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