Thursday, February 14, 2013

Deciding Whether To Continue This Blog

Preparedness for anything else is useless unless we can stay alive on the Earth. Climate change will continue and make it difficult or impossible for the human race to survive on our own planet. 

We must change our behavior drastically in order to stop Climate change. We must change suddenly, not wait ten years, not wait a year or a month. We must change NOW.

Dear Readers, I am feeling very discouraged about writing this blog. Very few of you bother to read anything I write about the environment. Paying attention to my posts about preparedness on other subjects besides the environment and how it is linked to our survival, is pointless.

If my readers do not want to read anything about one of the most important subjects that I ever post about, then I must be doing something wrong. Continuing to post under these circumstances is pointless for me. It will be better for me to use my time in other ways. 

I am going to have to think about whether to continue this blog at all. If I do keep it going, it clearly needs to be different. 

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