Friday, July 6, 2012

Tips For Clean Water

I would like to share some information about clean water that I have not seen anywhere else. 

First, I want to tell you why I learned to do these things. One reason is chlorine. The other is fluoride. Both are added to tap water in cities all over the world. When you turn on that tap, you are getting chlorine and fluoride, whether you want it or not. I do not.

Both chlorine and fluoride make me sick and I hate the smell and taste of chlorine. I don't want to drink chlorine and fluoride. I therefore get them out of my water before I drink it. The method I use now does not remove all of the chlorine and fluoride, but it gets most of it out. That helps a lot.

There are lots of sites that explain all about the dangers of fluoride and chlorine. I do not need those sites because my body tells me clearly that chlorine and fluoride are not good for me. I don't intend to go into much about that here.

Fluoride was used in the German concentration camps during WWIII to pacify and control prisoners. There is a lot more than that, but I think that is enough for me. If that doesn't do it for you, I suggest you do some research.

Chlorine can be used in small amounts to kill bacteria. It is fatal to just about everything in larger doses. One drop per ten gallons is considered enough chlorine to sterilize water to bathe burns patients. Burns patients are very vulnerable, so great precautions against infection are used for them. One drop per ten gallons is one of those great precautions.

All of the above paragraph should tell you that we have way too much chlorine in our water to be healthy for us. If you can smell it and taste it in the tap water, there is more than one drop per ten gallons. You are drinking poison, a lot of poison. 

Chlorine is pretty unstable so boiling gets a lot of it out and so do carbon filters. Neither of these does squat for fluoride. I gather that the main ways to get fluoride out of your water are reverse osmosis and distillation.

Reverse osmosis is very expensive, so that leaves distillation. I am fairly chlorine free, but am still drinking much more fluoride than I want. I am working on a reasonably easy and cheap way of distilling my water.

I currently use a Mr. Coffee coffeepot and permanent filter with a carbon filter to go with it. That is supposed to take out 97% of the chlorine from my water. It is enough so that I can really tell the difference between tap water and my purified water. 

I don't like to drink hot water so I cool it before I drink it. I use metal cooling bowls. They are stainless steel. I suppose I will post on not using aluminum in your food preparation stuff. 

I drink too much water to wait for it to cool off in the coffee pot and coffeemaker that I reserve especially for water. I don't like insects doing a kamikaze in my water bowls, so I made covers for them. Even if you are fine with your tap water for regular use, you might want to have cooling bowls for your preparedness water and covers for them.

I guess I am going to have to do a post on how to make the cooling bowl covers for your preparedness water. I feel that other posts are more urgent, however. Besides I am going to have to draw pictures to show you how to make the cooling bowls and that takes a lot more time. You'll have to wait.

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