Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Fluoride Reduction In Water For Health

I may have found a way to remove a lot of the fluoride from your water. It is a little time consuming, but I think it is worth it. 

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Fatigue is a health problem that plagues me a lot, for no good reason. I have perked up a lot since I began my fluoride reduction plan. I do not have a way to measure the fluoride in my treated water, but I think it is working. You will just have to try it for yourself and see what happens.

My way of getting most of the chlorine from my water is by using a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker with a carbon filter. It is supposed to remove about 97% of the chlorine. I just use the same process to reduce the fluoride.

The stuff I read about fluoride said that it can only be removed by two methods. One method is reverse osmosis which is very expensive. The other method is distillation, which is not that cheap. 

The things I read about fluoride say that boiling does not work, but actually makes fluoride worse by concentrating it. They said that fluoride is heavier than water and sinks to the bottom of the container it is being boiled in, unlike chlorine, which evaporates.

My bright idea was, if fluoride sinks to the bottom, why not pour off the top liquid (water), and leave the fluoride behind and then pour that down the sink? I figure some fluoride will mix back into the water, but at least some will be out of the top water poured off the coffeemaker carafe.

I have been trying it and think it is working. This is because fluoride is a sedative which was given to people in the German concentration camps during WWII. I thought the fluoride I was drinking in my water was contributing to making me tired. Since I have been doing my fluoride reduction plan, I have been much less tired!

My memory seems to be improving` and it is easier to get up in the morning. My old cat has perked up too. He is getting my reduced fluoride water as well.

It would probably be worthwhile for you to try reduced fluoride water and see how you feel. It is a lot harder to work on your preparedness if you are too tired.


  1. A two stage Berkey water filter will remove all contaminants from your water including flouride and chlorine.
    Continued ingestion of flouride and chlorine causes many problems but the most serious of which is flouride and chlorine ingestion will lead to thyroid issues specifically hypothyroidism.
    Your body mistakes flouride and chlorine for thyroid and fills the thyroid gland with those chemicals leaving no room for any thyroid for your thyroid gland to distribute to your body as needed for amost all of your necessary bodily functions all related to metabolism.
    Without proper thyroid function your body will eventually completely shut down and you will die.
    Please make the simple steps necessary to prevent the ingestion of these chemicals by properly purifying your water and to maintain a vital energetic sharp minded health and happiness.
    While you are at it petition your local "public" water service to stop charging you to pollute your water with flouride.

  2. Thank you for your helpful comment. Yvonne

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