Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Make Your Money Buy More For Every Day And Preparedness 1

When you decide to make your money go farther you have to think about where your money goes now and what is possible to change. You also have to think about what changes will make the most difference, in the shortest amount of time.

Some of the changes that I have picked to do first, show wildly varying income levels, so not all will apply to your situation, maybe none. You will have to take the idea and change it to fit your own situation.

One change that I chose was to stop buying from vending machines. I worked a night job, stores were closed and I never ate breakfast before work. That meant I got hungry and hit the vending machines. It wasn't a lot of money for one item, but I figured out the average cost and added it up for the month. 

Those vending machines cost me more than dinner at a fine restaurant. I could have had several dinners at fine restaurants each month instead of vending machine junk.

I started eating breakfast, even it it was a breakfast bar or a glass of instant breakfast. That filled me up and helped me resist the vending machines. I did even better when I started to eat lunch. At first I went out to breakfast at a local restaurant that opened early. I had breakfast for lunch. It kept me away from the vending machines. 

After that I started bringing my own lunch that I packed myself. That cost me much less than the restaurant and still kept me away from the vending machines.

The next example of saving money is light bulbs. I discovered that even though compact fluorescent bulbs cost much more than regular incandescent light bulbs, they save a lot of electricity.

My power bill dropped a lot when I had compact fluorescent bulbs all over my apartment. LEDs cost much less to run than even a compact fluorescent bulb does. I am still not buying a lot of LEDs. The one I am testing does not work well. They may need to make those better.

I used to have such a low income that electricity was one of the main areas that it was possible for me to save. I got drastic. 

I bought a wind up radio that also had a light on it. It was a nice bright light and the wind up battery lasted me almost an hour on a full charge. I kept my lights off and just carried the wind up radio around with me at night. I rarely turned a light on in my apartment after I began using the wind up radio.

This post is growing too long, so I will continue the subject of saving money for every day and preparedness in other posts.

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