Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Search Engines For Disaster Preparedness

Some of the readers who have found their way to my blog have used search terms that show they do not know how to look up preparedness items, like food. This is one of the most important uses of your computer for preparedness. I already posted a while back on the subject of computers for preparedness. This time I am going to post about search engines for preparedness.

You do not need to know much about computers or even the internet to use a search engine to find preparedness food and other disaster supplies. You do need to be able to figure out words to put into your browser to get the items you are looking for to show up on your monitor screen.

You do not need complete sentences when you are looking for something on the internet. Complete sentences can actually be a hindrance in your search. A complete sentence can have the search engine looking up millions of appearances of the word "and", for example. This slows down the results and gives you a lot of useless information.

An example of what you don't want in your search is: "Where can I find disaster supplies?" Below is a screen shot of a search with that sentence. Notice that you got almost 5 1/2 million results. You probably don't want to spend the time to look at 5 1/2 million search engine results.

Worse yet, the top results page are probably going to be very expensive. If you need to stretch your emergency preparedness budget, buying cute little disaster kits all packed into an attractive box is not the way to go. That kit will not be tailored to your individual needs and will cost much more than you picking out what you want in your emergency supplies. This does not mean that you cannot use anything on the results page, however. It won't hurt to compare items and prices.

Below is an example of a search for 
About 5,479,203 results
Ixquick now offers anonymous
Google results on its sister website
Try your search now!

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  1. Great post ... thanks for the info
    This info is virtually identical to one I've used many times. It's great.

    1. I'm glad you liked it. If it is that similar it may be something I wrote about search engines a long time ago for something else.