Thursday, July 19, 2012

Diatomaceous Earth And Constipation

I keep getting search queries about whether you get constipation when you take diatomaceous earth. The short reply is, "Yes!" It can be quite bad. I therefore assume it will happen when I plan to take it myself or give it to my cats.

I eat extra fiber when I take diatomaceous earth. When I give it to my cats, I give them a dose of petromalt shortly afterwards. I watch the cats carefully on their elimination and if they have any signs of constipation at all they get more petromalt and I dose them daily for the next week.

My cats get to eat oat grass when they want to. I rotate containers in and out of my greenhouse for them, so they get much more fiber than most indoor cats do, so they do not often get constipated. If your cats don't get oat grass regularly, then you should probably just dose them daily with petromalt for the next week, as a matter of course after diatomaceous earth.

I am a vegetarian, so my diet is higher in fiber than the diet of most people. Diatomaceous earth does not bother me much because of that. If your diet is not very high in fiber, you will need to prepare for constipation after taking diatomaceous earth.

I dislike taking laxatives, and have not had any for many years because of my high fiber diet. You may need to take laxatives after a dose of diatomaceous earth. If you plan to take diatomaceous earth on a regular basis, I think it would be a good idea to consider increasing the fiber in your diet a lot.

People who eat meat are much more likely to get parasites and need diatomaceous earth than vegetarians. This is because when you eat a piece of meat, you are essentially sharing everything that animal ate during it's life. That includes parasites.

If I ate meat, I would certainly want to take diatomaceous earth every day. Taking diatomaceous earth is definitely an alternative health treatment. Regular, or allopathic doctors do not generally use diatomaceous earth much or even know much about it.

When you use alternative health methods, it can be very hard or impossible to find someone who is knowlegeable about them. If that is the case for you, it will be necessary for you to know what you are doing. If you choose to use alternative health methods for your preparedness, study and research is part of that preparedness.

Using alternative health methods for preparedness works much better if you start using them now. Alternative health methods work much better when you are using them regularly in your life and you get a feeling for what is normal in your own body and in others.

Allopathic doctors are much more oriented towards fixing problems after they really get going and they are serious. Alternative health is much more oriented towards prevention of health problems in the first place. 

If you have noticed that you seem to become constipated after you took a dose of diatomaceous earth, you are doing something right. You knew what was normal for your elimination. You noticed that you had a problem with constipation that may have been connected with taking diatomaceous earth. You looked to find out if the dose of diatomaceous earth was causing the problem. You looked for a solution.

Now you need to start looking for potential problems and know about them ahead of time. If you are aware of those, you can be ready for them. You probably already have laxatives in your preparedness supplies. If you are using diatomaceous earth for your preparedness health care, you might want extra laxatives or you may want to adjust your preparedness diet. I think sprouts are the best solution there.

Sprouts seeds are small, light and don't require anything special equipment like refrigerators and freezers to keep them on the shelf. The volume of sprouted seeds compared to the volume of unsprouted ones in a container on your shelf is good. That will be a lot of food when the sprouts are ready to eat.

Sprouts are full of good nutrients and lots of fiber. That fiber can head off constipation problems, so you won't need laxatives, or at least as much, even if you take diatomaceous earth.

If I have any tendency towards constipation, I like to use prunes or bran. Since I don't like to take laxatives, that works for me. You will have to decide what works for you.


  1. Fiber causes constipation and many other digestive problems. It is evil.

  2. Thank you for your information. I gave up d.e because of constipation problems when I took. I never have this problem so I knew it was the d.e. my hair got horribly dry when I was taking it. I know that sounds crazy because everyone days how much their hair improved. Mine grew fast but dried out terribly. Have you any idea why this would happen. I will give your sprout suggestion a go and have another shot at the d.e. thanks from N.Z Tins

  3. I experienced glowing skin while taking DE and many other benefits, however, it did constipate me. What is the best most natural thing to do about that? Is it normal?

  4. Hi anonymous. I am glad you experienced glowing skin from using DE. Constipation from DE is the whole point of this post. I can't help thinking you need a brain transplant, or you didn't read the post. Try reading it this time and if you have any more questions after that, feel free to comment. Yvonne

  5. So it appears that Yvonne thinks she is quite versed on DE, and is also a rude and nasty person. Yvonne, you need a heart transplant so maybe you can figure out how to treat people with kindness. Just saying..............

    1. Hi Anonymous. I suppose you wrote the previous anonymous post where you didn't read my blog post before you commented. I am sorry for offending you by insulting you for not reading the post you were commenting on.

      I thought when I wrote it, that the title might be a clue about what I was posting about. I was writing about constipation and diatomaceous earth.

      In answer to your comment about me thinking that I am quite versed in DE: I do know enough about DE to handle it okay when I take it or give it to my animals. I think that every person is different and must take responsibility for paying attention to what works for them. I was trying to help people be able to do that more easily, especially in regards to taking DE.

      I apologize for offending you by saying you need a brain transplant. Please slow down and read my post again, and maybe it will make more sense to you. I probably put too much different information in it. I will try to do less complicated posts as much as possible.

      If I didn't have a lot of concern for others (a heart), I would not be writing this blog at all. I hope this comment helps you.

  6. Wow. You sure do come off as somewhat of a jerk. Not to brag but I'm something of an expert in the matter, so am able to notice such things.

  7. Yvonne needs some serious people skills. If anyone ever spoke to me in that manner they could should expect a broken nose

  8. Wow"anonymous" looks like you really are full of poo!! Quite the feral should learn to read properly before you open your pie your question had been sufficiently answered in the post!!!

  9. Dear Yvonne. I came to this site to ask a question about DE but I can see that it is not a good place to be open or vulnerable. I hope that whatever is hurting in your heart will soon be soothed. I care. Patty

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  11. His horse they feed to got so constipated they had to shoot oil by syringe in its intestines. It's a rock fossil, don't give this to your kids and pets.