Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Climate Change Equals You vs. Bugs And Rodents

One major effect of climate change that most people are not thinking about is increases in insect and rodent pests. 

Not only are we getting more pests, but they are getting bigger and stronger and more resistant to methods of controlling them. 

Here is a chart of effects of climate change on increased disease due to increases in vectors (disease carrying organisms) :

Effect of environmental changes on infectious diseases in humans
This chart was done based on World Health Organization information and comes from the site below:

Since disease microorganisms are also increasing, we have even more reason than we used to, to avoid contact with disease vectors like rodents and insects.

I don't want to get into much in this post about increased disease. I have already posted on it a lot. I mentioned epidemics in previous posts on the subject.

I want to talk about preventing epidemics by keeping down rodent and insect invasions that can carry harmful diseases to humans. I think keeping these vectors out of your homes is the safest way to avoid disease.

I want to start with posting about keeping bugs and rodents out of your food first. Then I want to post about making your home inhospitable to them. I also want to post about safe things you can do to keep insects from biting you and things you can do if you have to deal with pests in your home.

Poison is way down on my list of choices for dealing with pests, so you won't find much on that subject here. I have been collecting information about non-poisonous methods for many years, however. If you like the last approach, read on. I'm going to do more posts about this information.


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