Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Protecting Children From Climate Change

It is not pleasant to learn about the really bad side of climate change that we have to deal with right now. Sometimes grownups have to do hard things that they don't like. Pay attention now, or your children will pay later.

It is distressing to see so many children going around all the time with no apparent protection against either skin cancer or cataracts. 

I am only going to post about protecting children from skin cancer and cataracts that will make them go blind. The other dangers they face are pretty much the same as the ones the rest of us have to deal with.

Children are exposed to greater amounts of ultraviolet light for their entire lives, than older people have faced. Many scientists and medical people believe that children are certain to get skin cancer unless they are protected. The same applies to cataracts.

Most skin cancer is not fatal if treated right away. Malignant melanoma skin cancer can kill a person in about two weeks. Fortunately, malignant melanoma is more rare than other types of skin cancer.

Protecting children from the dangers of overexposure to ultraviolet light, like skin cancer and cataracts, is not difficult. Keep them out of direct sunlight in the middle of the day as much as possible. The latest suggestions for this are between 10 am and 4 pm. When children are in direct sunlight they need to wear protection. This is long sleeves and long pants or dresses. They should wear hats and sunblock to protect their skin. 

In order to protect children from going blind because of cataracts, they should wear sunglasses. The sunglasses should block 95-100% of both UVA and UVB. The sunglasses should protect from the top, sides and bottom by wrapping around or have shields in those areas.

They have sunblock especially made for children. There are all different types of sunblock for children. Pick the one you like the best and teach the children to use it when they are old enough. Until then, you will have to apply it.

I read some time ago that SPF 15 (Sun Protection Factor) is enough. Since then I have read some experts who suggest a higher SPF than 15. I found some sunblock that goes up to SPF 110. I read that the minimum amount to do the job is the best. I don't know whether that is still true, but I am using SPF 110 for now. I would use lower SPF on children.

Infants have very little natural protection against overdoses of UV light. Even tiny little infants need to have their eyes protected by sunglasses when they are exposed to sunlight. 

We all need to protect our health at any time, but during and after disasters, medical care is very difficult to get. If you have been paying attention to what is going on the the world, or reading my blog posts, you already know that disasters of many kinds will increase and become worse. Why would you want your children to face these disasters when they are likely to go blind and have skin cancer?

Protecting your children from skin cancer and cataracts is something you can actually do with little expense. It is not difficult to understand or to do. You can save your children from suffering by protecting them from UV light now. They will have a lot of time to be grateful to you when they see others getting skin cancer and cataracts. 

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