Monday, January 7, 2013

Your Survival - The Real Costs Of Shark Soup Can Be More Than You Expect

Photos were recently posted of thousands of shark fins drying on roof tops in Hong Kong. The fins are often hacked off live sharks which are then thrown back into the ocean. This practice will soon result in extinction of many kinds of sharks. 

Humans have already caused climate change with our careless behavior. This shark killing is another careless behavior that will end up harming humans. 

All the systems on earth are balanced. When we take out too many parts of these systems, the whole system can crash.

Simple Pictorial Equation

Some "people" really are too stupid to live.

The human race is not advanced enough to live on other planets. We only have the Earth for now. It does not make good sense to destroy the one planet we need to live on.

Climate change is speeding up even more than pessimistic scientists expected. The only way for the human race to survive, is for all of us to stop what we are doing and work together as hard as we can to stop climate change and begin a repair process. 

This will not be easy. The hurricanes/cyclones, tornadoes, forest fires etc. which are the consequences of climate change will kill a lot of people before we can stop the progression of climate change and begin to make it better.

We can't escape the consequences of climate change. Neither the moon, other planets, or shelters on the Earth will protect us from the consequences of climate change. We all have to face it. We are running out of time to do this. Waiting much longer will be fatal for everyone.

It is time for us to face the problem of climate change. We don't have time to keep hiding this necessity from ourselves. We must start now.

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