Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Child Molesters' Harm To Our Future

I just skimmed an article that sends steam out my ears. It is about a sting by police of wannabe child molesters. The wannabes thought they were talking online with children they went to meet. 

I had an awful experience online with a child molester. I am going to go a bit afield from my normal posting area, sorta. I think protecting our children is important to the future of the human race. I regard it as preparedness.

This particular wannabe child molester was in a chat room that I was in online. I suppose he thought I might be a child because I am weird. I didn't know some chat slang and asked about it. He zeroed in on me right away after that. He told me stuff so that I thought he was some kind of wonderful kind knight in shining armor. 

He was "counseling" a lot of young teens and preteen girls. He was chatting to a lot of them at the same time. He told me how many chats he had open at the same time. He often had 6 to 10 girls chatting with him at once, and me.

After a fairly short time, his emails and chats seemed to be a little off from what he claimed to be. I began to encourage him to tell me more about the girls. He opened up about his intentions. 

I was aghast at what I was finding out from him about his plans for the girls. There was one in particular he wanted to meet. He told me she was a "cutter". I had not known what that meant until he mentioned it. 

A "cutter" is a person who cuts their own body out of some kind of sick compulsion. 

The wannabe child molester told me that she had told him that she intended to kill herself on Christmas Day. When he told me this, it was around Thanksgiving. That is about a month before Christmas Day in the USA, for non-US readers.

I assumed that he was trying to prevent her from killing herself, since he told me that he was trying very hard to find out where she was.

Boy was I wrong! He told me that he wanted to meet her and have sex with her before she killed herself. I let slip that this shocked me and I didn't like the idea. He clammed up and stopped letting me know more about her, for fear that I might ruin his plans.

I am splitting this post here and will publish the other half tomorrow due to length.

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