Thursday, January 24, 2013

Child Molesters' Harm To Our Future 2

This post is continued from yesterday.

I was able to get a tiny bit more information about her from him in spite of his caution. I was already good enough at internet research to be able to use that bit of information to find the town she lived in and her mother's address. 

That was the easy part. The hard part was finding a way to get anyone to do anything to help the little cutter girl.

I emailed the police in the town the girl lived in. They were not interested. They said since I was not in their jurisdiction when I told them about it, the case was not theirs. They said I needed to tell the police where I lived. I lived in California at the time. The girl lived clear across the country in another state.

I called my local police department. They said since the girl was not in their jurisdiction, they could not do anything. 

I called the FBI. They said no crime had been committed at that point, so they could not do anything. They suggested I call the local police in the town where the girl lived.

The only thing that came to mind was a local policeman that I had a slight acquaintance with. He had spoken at a meeting I attended and had liked one of my questions. This policeman had since been featured in a local news story.

The story was somewhat related to the situation I was dealing with. The local policeman had caught an attempted international child molester, by using the internet.

The intermational wannabe child molester was attempting to get a 13 or 14-year-old boy to steal his mother's credit card and use it to take a plane and fly from his country to California to meet him. The policeman tricked the international wannabe child molester into thinking he was a child to be preyed on and set a successful trap for him.

I emailed the policeman and asked for his help. He did help. 

It took a while to get through all of this stuff before the local policeman came through. It was Christmas Day before the police in the girl's town entered her home and stopped her in the act of killing herself.

That was way too close for comfort. I was really glad they stopped her, but still angry that it got that close and it took so much work to get anything done. 

I raised as much he-- as I could manage to get people to do something about the perverts lurking online for innocent children. Police departments opened up departments for online crime and the FBI did too. 

I am glad when I see they catch some of the illegitimate perverts before they do any more harm to children, who are our future. It is hard to think about the ones who still get away with it.

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