Friday, January 4, 2013

What's A Climate Refugee? Am I Going To Be One?

A Climate Refugee is anyone who has to leave home because of problems due to Climate Change. You remember all those people forced out of their homes by Hurricane Katrina in football stadiums along with hundreds of other people. They aren't the only Climate Refugees. 

Entire islands have sunk beneath the rising ocean waters. Everyone on these islands had to leave their homes to survive. I posted about one of these islands and its people - Tuvalu and the Tuvaluans. The mostly emigrated to New Zealand. The New Zealanders welcomed them to the largest, safe nearby body of land. 

Over 180 villages in my state, Alaska, are going under the ocean as it rises. Two of them were already scheduled to be evacuated. There are still people left on both islands, Shishmaref and Kivalina. Breakwaters were built for both island in an attempt to delay the evacuations. The breakwater worked for Shishmaref, but not for Kivalina. 

Some people have already left both islands. Some of them had no choice because their homes were already destroyed by the rising ocean waters.

Another big cause of climate refugees is drought or loss of water for survival needs and agriculture. This is happening all over the world. 

Drought also causes forest fires that are worse than ever before. Many climate refugees are forced out of their homes because of fires.

We all know about Tsunamis and the refugees who had to leave because the Tsunami in Japan caused the nuclear power plant failures. We can expect more of these, some in the United States. 

Not all of the US nuclear power plants that are at risk of failure due to climate change because of Tsunamis. There is at least one that is vulnerable to higher record-setting floods than have already happened. Since we can expect weather records to continue to be set for the rest of the lives of everyone on earth now, and beyond, we can expect to get floods that will destabilize nuclear power plants.

The people who run these nuclear power plants are not admitting the vulnerability of their power plants. I can only guess this is due to money. In case these nuclear power plant operators are not risking another worse than Fukushima Daichi disaster out of greed, my next guess is even worse. They may want lots of people to die.

There is a huge granite memorial in Georgia, in the USA called, "The Georgia Guidestones". It was commissioned by an unknown wealthy man who paid for it and disappeared. It does not spell it out that some people want lots of other people to die, but it says that the world population should be maintained at 500,000,000. Since we are way over that population figure, that means they want the rest of us gone.

Some people intend to avert the increase in climate change that will cause the extinction of the human race. They will do this by killing off enough of the human race to leave their close friends and slaves and themselves with plenty.

This is not a complete list of the causes of people who are and will be, forced to leave home because of climate change. I am just trying to get my Dear Readers to become aware that this will be a growing problem that must be attended to without our normal human delay.

Even if you are not personally forced from your home because of climate change in your lifetime, you will be affected by it.

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