Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Take Out Some Sting From Da Gas Rising

People usually protest a lot when gas prices rise. They are starting up again so the groaning has begun.

I found a handy thing to take out some sting from the price rising.

It has average gas prices by state, county, and city and even gets down to the gas stations in your neighborhood, or wherever you are travelling. They have an app on the site that you can use to find the cheapest prices at the pumps in your area. The site and app are called, "Gas Buddy".

Here is a link to the site: http://www.gasbuddy.com/

Here is a link to the app to find the nearest cheap gas: http://www.gasbuddy.com/GasBuddyMobileApps.aspx

Lest you decide that finding cheap gas prices allows you to drive around wasting gas, please remember that all the gas burned makes climate change worse.

Here is a link to a nice gas price heat map. The red end of the map is the lower prices. I find it quite annoying that Californians, who burn gas like you wouldn't believe, have much cheaper gas than my state, which is much bigger and is a gas exporting state. I know this, because I am a recovering ex-Californian. :-)

For my Canadian readers, here is a Canadian gas price heat map: http://www.gasbuddy.com/gb_can_gastemperaturemap.aspx

I should think that Canadians would turn a shade similar to their maple leaf on their flag when they live in the green end of the scale on that gas heat map. Having all those tar sands and exporting oil in a pipeline to the USA might do that when you get high prices too. 

I found a table that hasn't been published yet by the US Government about energy use and costs for different sectors of users up to and including 2040. These are assuming no big changes from how things are working now. 

Anyway. Maybe you can get more out of this table than I have so far. The only thing that strikes me about it is that price rises, if any, will be so low that far into the future. I don't see how that can be correct. 

Here is a link to the table and you can explore the rest of the site once you get there. If you don't like links, you can just look at it and type in what you need to get to the site: http://www.eia.gov/oiaf/aeo/tablebrowser/#release=AEO2013ER&subject=0-AEO2013ER&table=3-AEO2013ER&region=1-0&cases=full2012-d020112c,early2013-d102312a

The site is for the Energy Information Administration. Have fun.

I had to put in something to be interesting to people from different countries and make Americans feel relieved about our prices:

You will notice that the above link is to a report on highest and lowest gas prices by country. 

Here is a link to their energy prices for now: http://www.bloomberg.com/energy/

I couldn't find a gas price checker app for other countries. I guess some developers know what to work on....

The consolation prize is a hotel price comparison app: http://apps.conduit.com/4greatest-Hotels_Price_Comparison_Service-app?appid=47555110-7dd7-4e31-a36b-4b504473777b

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