Monday, January 14, 2013

Why You Are Important

As we face a new year many of us think about our past and what we have done with our life so far.

One of the special things about Human Beings is that we are capable of thinking. We are able to use that ability to think about ourselves and what we are doing in life and our goals and plans for the future.

People who belong to many very different religions all believe, along with independent thinking individuals, that each person has a purpose in life. I happen to believe this way. I think that each of my readers and everyone else has a dominant reason for their existence on earth in this lifetime.

I believe that we may or may not fulfill our reason for existence. I think it is very sad when someone goes through their entire life completely unaware of their purpose for living. 

I do not believe real happiness is possible unless a person tries to find out their purpose in life, and makes an attempt to fulfill that purpose.

Depending on what your specific purpose in life is, it is possible that you will not be able to achieve the act or acts that make up your reason for existence. Circumstances beyond your own control may make it impossible. Even if this is the case for you, unless you at least find your purpose and try to fulfill it, your life is not complete and neither are you.

Making no effort to find your purpose in life does not affect only you. There is a hole left incomplete that can cause ripples that keep spreading forever and farther than you can imagine.

One of my ways of thinking of how this hole that one person might leave, by not fulfilling their purpose in life is like knitting. One person might be like one stitch in knitting. If you drop one stitch, it leaves a hole and makes all the stitches under it unravel. The unravelling can go clear back to the beginning of the work, and leave a hole in every row after it.

No matter how unimportant you may feel, you are important. Take that thought forward with you into this new year and into the rest of your life. You are important.

You have a reason for being. It is your job to find out what your reason for being is. Then, whatever that reason for your existence is, you can try your best to fulfill your purpose in this life.

You are important.

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