Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Save Your Electronics - Expect Cyber Attacks This Year

Experts say that we can expect cyber attacks this year. Are you ready for this? Losing our computers would be bad enough, but it can be much more serious than that.

People are beginning to be more aware of the existence of EMPs as a side effect of nuclear explosions and solar flare activity. Many countries are making weapons that have the primary purpose of producing EMPs to attack another country's electronics. 

If you have been paying attention, various nations and others have already used computers for attacks across borders. One of these has shut down the United States' White House web site. 

That is not as exciting as if it had been the Pentagon, but it is still the head of our government. We have had hackers succeed in getting into the Pentagon, however. Governments tend to grab hackers who are in their country and give them a choice of working for the gov or going to prison. lol. We are getting a lot of hackers working for our government.

It is probably the same elsewhere. War is going to be different. Terminator here we come.



I already posted several times on how to make your own Faraday Cage. It is not too much more difficult than gift wrapping. I hope you will put a reserve cell phone and emergency radio in a Faraday Cage. 

I didn't phrase that right. You should put a cell phone in a Faraday Cage and make another Faraday Cage and then put the radio in that.

I gather it is not good to have a small Faraday Cage with two or more electronic objects in it. 

It is probably also better to use something like a metal garbage can with insulation inside and the smaller Faraday Cages inside the insulation. Then bury the garbage can at least 3 feet deep.

This is kind of a pain, but sudden withdrawal from all electronics, including news sources might be worse. You will also have to charge batteries at appropriate intervals. I told you this in earlier posts, but newbies won't know and maybe you didn't look or forgot.

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