Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why I Love My Readers

I love my readers. Here is why. I know we don't have a farming society any more, but have you ever been around sheep and goats? Both are very cute when they are little. It is when they get bigger and older that all that changes.

Sheep get sort of dirty and ratty looking as they get older. Goats look a lot cleaner as a group than sheep do. Sheep mostly plod around and do not act too bright. Goats, if anything, may be a lot smarter than you necessarily want them to be. Goats also stay pretty spry and zip around more no matter their age.

Sheep are not very interesting. Goats are very interesting, maybe too interesting with the things they get into or out of. 

Sheep will die if you look at them wrong. Goats are not giving up until the bitter end and even females will put up a good fight. I really like critters that don't give up and put up a fight, as you might suspect by now.

That is what I like about my readers. You are taking the trouble to try to take care of yourself, regardless of what happens. You remind me favorably of goats. You are interested enough in your continued survival to make an effort to find out what to do to live through disasters. 

I am doing my best to help you get started on that journey to learn to take care of yourself and save your own life. I would like for you to keep going and use some of the links I put in my posts to learn even more than I cover here, so far. As I feel more competent to adequately explain more advanced survival topics I will add them to this blog, but I would much rather you not wait, but go out and find some yourselves. There is a lot to learn and not so much time to learn it.

Learn from goats and be feisty and obnoxious and fight back. Fight for your life and the lives of your loved ones. Don't be a sheep and lay down and accept death meekly in the first emergency that comes your way.
Goats keep fighting. Be a goat, not a sheep.

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