Saturday, February 11, 2012

Preparedness for Dummies

It was brought to my attention that although I dutifully published nice links in my blog post to agencies that tell you more than you would ever want to know about emergency preparedness, people were not even looking at the sites.

That is not going to get you prepared for emergencies. A friend told me that people don't like to click on links because they get you hacked sometimes. Ok. I will put up addresses as well so you can type them in your browser yourselves. I know that some people just don't want to even look at another site, so I will also not refer you to other sites so much as tell you what they say.

My blog is not aimed at people who already know enough about emergency preparedness to write their own blog and teach me how it should be done. I think that I am writing to people who might respond to the phrase, "disaster preparedness", or "emergency preparedness", with, "emergency what?" or possibly, "Huh?"

Illustration of the phrase, "If they had a brain they would take it out and play with it."

Yes. That's right. I believe I am writing to idiots. I do not consider myself an expert on survival or even emergency preparedness, but I know more than most people do. This is because most people know nothing at all. I know more than that. I, therefore, being merely an idiot, feel eminently qualified to attempt to lighten the ignorance of total idiots. 

I am attempting to shine the LED flashlight of emergency preparedness wisdom on the masses sitting in the darkness of emergency preparedness ignorance. I do not want you to continue to be too stupid to live.

Because of my benevolent attitude toward sharing my scanty bounty of emergency preparedness wisdom, I am willing to chop it up in bit sized morsels and spoon feed it to you in easily digestible bits. I will see if I can add whipped cream too.

Therefore, instead of links to sites that go into exhaustive detail on emergency preparedness, I will go find their lists and put them up here. The authorities who publish these sites have some emergency preparedness items in common, but there are usually a few that are not on the other sites' lists. I am not going to make one long list of items from all the sites, because I don't think my audience will even read it if it is too long. 

Just read one. Copy it down or print it out, then add anything new that comes up in another list. That way your list will be comprehensive without a lot of w-o-r-k. It might save your sorry posterior. It might even save your loved ones lives if you go get the things on your comprehensive list and put them in your go bags. Don't forget to make a go bag for your pets and take them with you if you evacuate in a disaster.

In case you feel incensed at being referred to as idiots, don't worry. I think I am pretty much an idiot as far as survival goes too. I only know slightly more than you. Go forth and prepare for emergencies, so that you can join the ranks of people who are not too stupid to live. I want you to live.

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