Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Free Games Surviving Boredom In A Disaster Shelter

Disasters are way too exciting sometimes, but they all involve a lot of waiting, especially afterwards. You may think you are going to die of boredom, unless you prepare to entertain yourself and your loved ones.

Some kind of entertainment not involving electricity is a good choice, because lots of disasters involve not having electricity. Card games and board games are comparatively inexpensive ways to pass your time after surviving a disaster. The internet has lots and lots of free games that you can download rules for or even print out your own board games.
There are plenty of sites on the internet with free games that you can print out and make yourself.  

It is possible to make your own chess and checkers sets as well as download other board games from the internet. Don't worry if you do not play chess or checkers well, there are plenty of sites on the internet that do a good job of explaining how to play and what the pieces and board look like.

Lacking money for a good chess set does not have to stop you from having a game to while away the time in a disaster shelter or in your home if you are sheltering in place. I am naturally an artsy type so it is a nice challenge to me to come up with an aesthetically pleasing chess and checkers set, but I may not even take the time and just make do with something anyone could make.

A piece of cardboard or posterboard with the squares marked on it for chess and checkers and bottlecaps taped with symbols printed or drawn on paper for the pieces will do the job ok.

A deck or two of playing cards can yield a lot of fun games for any age as well. One of my favorite silly ones is called, "Murder". You can play whatever card game you want, but the person who is dealt the Ace of Spades is the designated murderer. During the game the murderer must find an opportunity to wink at another player without other players noticing. The victim who was winked at must count to thirty, or a smaller number if youngsters are involved and then "die". It is up to the individual whether they want to die dramatically or slump over quietly, but they are out of the game and can't say who murdered them. The remaining "live" players must attempt to find out who the murderer is before they are also killed.

The murderer wins if they manage to eliminate all the other players before they are caught. This game is always a lot of fun. Most people enjoy it a great deal and laugh and giggle through the whole thing.

Nothing says you must wait for a disaster before using the fun games you have assembled instructions and equipment or made. It would be fine to practice having fun with your games prior to a disaster as well as building a fire. Have fun.

Here are some sites to get you started. There are plenty more. Viking board games
Site with links to other free board games sites.

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