Monday, February 20, 2012

Fun With Disaster Preparedness

Since so few people are making use of the information offered in my blog I might as well have some fun. Any idiots reading this post might as well have fun too. I hope you at least have the brains to get a little prepared for disasters so you can make it at least five minutes or so before you stick your head under the covers and die.

I might even do that myself. 

You might like to know that emergency first responders, like paramedics, police, and firemen are among the most ill-prepared people there are for disasters. Sure their fire trucks and ambulances are all stocked up in alphabetical order, but at home, zip. Nada. Nothing.

In that glorious tradition I have the honor to partake of such stupidity myself. I have a wonderful selection of stuff ready for general emergencies and a great pack ready to go with first aid and related items, but the few items in my actual go bag are kinda lonely. (I have been improving this situation lately, and now have a much better equipped go bag.)

I recently added a box of chocolate granola bar things that an appalled friend foisted on me. She decided to reciprocate my nagging about preparedness. What are friends for if not to nag you back?

My latest preparedness acquisition is a Dutch oven. I suspect the people in Holland do not know this item by this name, so I will describe it.  A Dutch oven is the American name for a heavy cast iron cooking pot with a matching lid. It causes convection currents inside it which cook the food inside more rapidly than a regular pot. You can bake bread in them too. 

I decided that a Dutch oven is a good combination with a rocket stove for emergency preparedness. I do not plan to reserve it for emergencies, however. I intend to go out in the boonies here in Alaska and use it daily. I mean use the Dutch oven and rocket stove combination.

The disasters facing the human race as a result of our communal stupidity look pretty appalling to me. It looks unlikely that people will have much of a chance to survive unless they prepare for that freight train of disasters lined up, heading our way.

I am planning to bug out early and beat the rush. I want to have a reasonably self sufficient homestead operating before we get hit by too many disasters. 

This is going to be a tall order to manage if people are right about the cataclysm scheduled for next December 21. I really really hope they are at least a little early with that. I would like it even better if they are way early. I could use the extra time.

Finding a place, buying it, cutting down enough trees, and building a cabin before next winter hits isn't going to be easy. Sigh.

I received a semi-indecent proposal from a nice Mormon guy lately. He offered to make me his wife and his wife agreed about it. I thought it was rather generous of her and flattered that I met her criteria. 

A nice thing about Mormons is that they are mostly  prepared for emergencies. It is part of their religion to do this. Unlike some others, Mormons actually practice their religion in many respects, including preparedness.

It makes me wish other religions would add preparedness to their requirements. It would make sense. A religion is not going to last long if the people who belong to it all die in emergencies. Whether your religion tells you to prepare for emergencies, it might behoove you to do so anyway. You could start any time. Like now.

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